What is Japanese Skin Softener

Skin softener is kind of a hybrid of toner, essence, and exfoliation. Yes, there are peeling softeners that exfoliate your skin very gently. It has been told that softener is an alternative to skin toner. Japanese skin softener claims to nourish, moisturize and soften the skin. After using a regular toner, your skin may feel tight, but not after using a softener. Though, I wanna say a good toner will not tighten your skin. Softener is a Japanese skincare essence used after using a cleanser. It intends to hydrate the skin.

Benefits of Softener

Its sole purpose is to hydrate but it also has mild exfoliating properties as I have said before. It clears the remaining dead cells very gently. This makes it suitable to use for sensitive, dry, or any type of skin. Using it just before starting your skincare, increases the absorbing power of the skin. You can use a softener daily as this is very mild. After mild exfoliation, your skin will feel smoother and softer. It does not feel heavy, or greasy at all. Good softener will leave your face bright and light.

Is it Worth Buying a Softener?

First of all, not every skin softener is very expensive like Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkleresist24 Balancing Softener. There are cheap softeners in the market. There are many treatments (Essence), toners (Skin), and Lotions sold by the name of softeners. The formulation of these four things varies a little. Lotions are light moisturizers and different things. But still, those lotions that soften your skin, people also named those softeners. So ditch your toner or essence and try softener once if you can, itโ€™s worth a try (cheap ones). Shiseido Treatment Skin Softener is very famous, but Iโ€™ll say this is just an extra-luxurious step. And donโ€™t buy it unless or until you wanna feel expensive. Does not make a noticeable difference that a typical product cannot.

Softener vs Toner

The classic difference between Softener and Toner is that Toners contain Astringent while Softener does not. But I am telling you that much Korean skin does not include this or any drying ingredient so your skin will feel tight after using.

Some Natural Skin Softeners

Any product that can hydrate skin will soften the skin. Damp skin always feels softer than dry skin. Use products rich in green tea extract like ISNTREE Green Tea Fresh Hydrating Face Toner which is enriched with 80% green tea. Filter and improve your diet. Donโ€™t fall for more water means better skin. Itโ€™s not. Skin needs external attention but diet plays an important role. Use honey 3-4 times a week. The main reason behind dry skin is evaporating natural hydration from the skin. Lock it with a thick moisturizer (with Hyaluronic Acid). If the climate is harsh then use a room humidifier.

How to Use/Apply Skin Softener?

Softeners can be thick or thin. Innisfree Wine peeling softner is a semi-liquid gelly type softener. It has a sweet romantic smell of red wine. I use it at the end of my extended cleansing routine. You have to wash it off after using it. It has a highly mild effect of exfoliating that I almost feel nothing but when my mom uses this I can see a clear outcome.

So, my point here is the product and how you will apply it will depend on two things. 1st itโ€™s a peel-off or not. If itโ€™s peeling off softener you have to wash it. Use it at the end of your cleansing step. If itโ€™s not peeling off Softener, 2nd check its thickness. If itโ€™s a Lotion type then use it at the step when you use lotion (Toner-Essence-Serum-Apmpoule-Lotion) or if itโ€™s a toner type, use it in the place of toner and follow it with your regular skincare routine. Do not rub anything on your face. Slide your fingers lightly or just pat. Now many will say to use a cotton pad, but I think using a cotton pad is a waste of cotton and the product. Personally, I donโ€™t like it.

Roam to get a Basic Idea of Skincare!

  1. Oil Cleansing. First Step of Double Cleansing.
  2. Cleanser (Water-based) or Facewash. Instead of using both some may use Cleansing cream, balm, or milk with an emulsifier which will help to remove all kinds of oily, watery dirt from the skin
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Detoxifying
  5. Mist spray. You may use Softener in this step.
  6. Toning and Moisturizing deep with Rich Korean Toners.
  7. Essence
  8. Serum
  9. Ampoule
  10. Sheet Mask (Conditions are applied on which step you need to use it based on the texture of your sheet mask, READ THE POST)
  11. Lotions
  12. Moisturizer
  13. Eye Cream
  14. Sunscreen
  15. Lip Balm

Excellent ingredients for Skin Softener

Excellent ingredients are excellent for every skincare product. So donโ€™t be confused if someone says you antioxidant, Niacinamide is just good for cream. No, any fermented ingredients, leaf extracts, flower extracts, root extracts, antioxidants, humectants, botanical extracts, enzymes, fatty acids, or peptides are good for the skin if youโ€™re not allergic to a particular product. The softener may have Lactic, salicylic, AHA, and BHA to add little exfoliating property. Shiseido Benefiance Wrinkleresist24 Balancing Softener has Chlorella Extract, Mukurossi Extract, and Gambir Extract. Shiseido is famous for softening lotions. It can lock your skin in moisture for a long period.

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