Never use the word “cheap”. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.

Karl Lagerfeld
What is Chic Style?

Clean lines, a monochromatic look with a little flash of color, a full classic look with a little twist, looking elegant with a little bit of cuteness in it, is Chic Style.

How to Look Chic?

First of all, there is Boho Chic Style, Casual Chic Style, French Chic Style, Street Chic Style, and more variations. But one thing is common if you wanna look chic.
Keep clothes simple in monochromatic color. Maximum use of two colors like Black and Brown, White and Beige, etc. Add a flash of color with your handbag, show, or red lipstick, or with any bold accessory. Invest in timeless pieces, not just in trendy pieces.

Chick Style Fashions

Wanna look, chic girl? As Mr. Lagerfeld said that everybody can look chic in even inexpensive clothes, you just need to know the proper style. Though remember there’s no right or wrong way in fashion. You can make anything look good if you know how to carry it. I am not a Fashion stylist but researched it and today I’ll share everything you need to look chic, so you don’t have to roam here and there.

Semi-Formal Chic Style
Semi-Formal Chic Style

The french word Chicanery was the origin word for today’s chic word. Though it has nothing to do with style, the word Chic has originated from this word. Slowly chic fashion evolved in whole France, then England, and then America. Now it is around the world every lady wants to look chic even she is in formal attire.

Basic Steps to Nail Chic Style

1. Colors

Invest in monochromatic pieces with neutral colors. You can mix two neutral colors also. Neutral colors are muted colors, browns, black, tan, powder pink, etc. These colors always look very classic and never go wrong. But our motive is to look chic not classic! That is why now we will add a flash of colors with some accessories.

2. Effortless Look

For an effortlessly chic look choose three colors. This tri-color idea makes any outfit look chic. Just take a look at the above picture. The dominating color is White and Blue and the submissive color is Black. This is proof that you can look chic even you choose three colors, not one or two. But don’t choose more than three colors and also choose wisely. More color or wrong choices of colors can make your look more whimsical type. Printings with more than one color are counted as one but also depend on the printing. But just choosing three colors is not the end, read further so that you don’t look cheap instead of chic.

3. Collect the Basics

Basics do not necessarily mean I’m talking about basics. Invest in Neutral color slacks, cotton tee shirts, and blouses. Tailored blazers are a must for a french chic style or formal chic style. A skirt collection is necessary for a feminine look. Midi skirts are good for formal occasions. Also, remember to buy evergreen pieces as you can’t use most of the fast-fashion items. I’ll talk about all these later in detail for particular chic styles.

4. Show Little Skin

What nobody tells you is that you can look chic effortlessly with showing little skin. Showing neckline area is truly the best way of showing off without failing sophistication.

5. Accessories

Invest in shoes, hats, watches, and other things. Adding a red shoe, handbag, purse with a monochromatic outfit makes your look chic from classic. Collect some pop bold accessories. Bold accessories always go well with a monochromatic look.

6. Don’t Over Do It.

What I mean is for everything. For looking chic you always need to stay in between classic and whimsical. Avant Grade is far from looking chic. Keep your hair and makeup natural with a little clip, french bun, Red lipstick, or Eyeliner. Don’t do eye and lip makeup together.

Now we’ll know in detail how to look chic with varieties of styles.

Boho Chic Style

What is Boho Chic Style?

Boho Chic Style
Boho style is related to hippie fashion but aesthetic, bold, unusual, colorful, a mix of patterns and texture in mainly neutral and warm shades. Chic style dresses are with sleek lines and modern shapes. Boho Chic styles are in between these two with lesser colors compared to the boho style clothes, artistic, in a modern shape.

Boho chic style was derived from the garments that french bohemians wore in their daily artistic unique life. These are aesthetic, more fitted, flowy in the modern era.

How Do I look Boho Chic?

Invest in these things I’m gonna say now. Midi to long skirts. Short skirts are normally not for boho styles. Because boho is something traveling back to the time. If you see in the above picture, that’s a maxi skirt with a side cut that reflects the modern shape. You may pair that with a plain white tee or top. You can pair a simple skirt with a printed top or a simple tee with a printed skirt. For boho style artistic nature – patterns are important.

Not a modern heel but invest in brown boots. Shades of brown go too well with boho patterns. You can also pair the dress with boho-style embellished sandals. They look beautiful with midi skirts. A bohemian sandal goes very well if you’re wearing a plain modern boho-chic dress. This looks super chic 😍

Boho Chic Style
Boho Chic Style

Invest in maxi Bohemian Patterned Dress. A boho-styled dress is perfect for day events. To look more chic add a thin or wide plain belt, because your dress is already patterned and full of colors. Adding a belt will help to amplify your feminine features and you’ll look chicer!

A hair ribbon or any hair wraps makes a boho-style complete. You may use patterned hair wrappers for more boho looks or if your dress lack patterns like shown in the above picture. Are you fashion-forward and not afraid of showing off? Try a flower crown. Use it a little back from your hairline just like a hairband. It gives a modern look. It’s my dream but I’m not brave enough! Don’t worry about your hairstyle, don’t do sleek styles. Keep it messy, wavy, open, or braided.

French Chic Style

What is French Chic Style?

French Chic Style
French-style is itself very Chic and is the origin of chic styles. French Chic Style is the most elegant, beautiful, simple yet stylish with a little flash of vibrant color.

French Chic Fashion is where it all started. Total french style is wrapped in beautiful, elegant simplicity. They always give a fresh look with forwarding fashion sense. French fashion is never overdone and full of effortless elegant pieces.

How Do I look French Chic?

Expand your collection of feminine coats, long coats, cardigans. There are plenty of types of coats, choose what is not very fluffy. Because french women love to look a little feminine, not masculine. Over that if you’re wearing something too girly, it’s not very Parisian, so neutralize it with something sporty, masculine. Also, Go for high-quality dresses. Shop less but better. French ladies and gentlemen don’t wear cheap clothes.

French Chic Style

Dress in neutral colors, don’t bring more than three colors together. Choosing two colors is the best for an elegant look. Wearing a tailored suit is something Parisian for both men and women. Never waste your money on cheap suits. Use neutral colors white, blues, beiges, they are evergreen.

But always remember to highlight your outfit pointing to at least one accessory. Look at both pictures of french outfits, you’ll understand. Adding a vibrant color purse, cross boy bags, or beret will enhance the total outfit to a chic look. You may also consider a bold sunglass. Wear bootcut jeans with heel boots. You may add a thin pendant to draw attention to your neckline.

Never overdo anything. I am talking about dress and make-up. French ladies always love to look natural, show their freckles without any insecurities. If you’re using foundations use lightweight low coverage ones. Draw attention to one point of your face, normally it’s better to go with a bold red lip for an instant signature French lip look. When you’re doing your lip, skip the eye, just apply mascara to create an illusion of big eyes, skip shadows and liner. Be casual when you’re doing your makeup, no need to use lip pencils for perfection. French beauty is all about a natural look and a little messy. You can also go a little extra with winged eyeliner for night parties.

Casual Chic Style

What is Casual Chic Style?

Casual Chic Style
In simple words, if a causal daily outfit that looks chic is Casual Chic Style. Casual chic pieces are comfortable and semi-polished from top to bottom with a sense of fashion.

The thing is we wanna look chic every time, even when we’re doing nothing. Maybe sitting in-home, or attending classes. Definitely, we all can attend college in boho or french style but they have restrictions and also we don’t wanna attract extra attention to ourselves when we’re especially studying. But we do wanna attention after all! Casual Chic Style is the change that takes your comfortable pieces up a mark.

How do I look Casual but Chic?

Pair your casual pieces with a custom-tailored sleek, polished, fitting blazer. Tailored coats elevate anything instantly. Choose a neutral color like black, blue, white, or beige shades.

Collect these things: Well-fitted jeans, a variety of skirts. Any type of skirt goes well because we wanna look casual but feminine. Black, White, and other colors tees are must-haves. Tees are simple and exhilarate the casual look. Go for V neck instead of the round neck. V neck looks chic. Invest in chic blouses, one color shift dresses for a more polished look.

Casual Chic Style

Dress down a crop top or tank tees with a midi or maxi skirt. Dress up a simple tee with a denim short skirt. Also, you can use a printed top or bottom to neutralize the whole outfit. Check the picture above, she is wearing a casual top with denim jeans but not just that she accelerated her chic looks with the belt which looks feminine and cute.

For dresses, if the dress is sleek and polished dress down with a denim jacket, if the dress is patterned and printed look casual wear neutral slacks to accelerate the chic look. You always can add a thin belt to elevate the feminine chic look.

Now we will know a little bit about accessories. We will keep accessories simple and casual or sleet depending on the outfit. If the outfit looks too casual, wear boots, neutral color pumps, or heels. If your outfit looks very polished tone it down with a pair of sneakers, go with white, always look classy or chic loafers. For particular dresses use low to no heeled sandals. Don’t forget the belt I talked about, always go for polished-looking black/brown/blue/white thin belts. Collect classic sunglasses, crossbody bags, and sleek thin small pieces of jewelry. Don’t wear chunky pieces because your outfit is already casual.

Street Chic Style

What is Street Chic Style?

Street Chic Style
You can say street-chic style is the street style with a sense of humor. It is a reflection of daily common clothes, worn by everybody but with a little femininity in it.

Can you look chic in street styles? The answer is yes. But very carefully. You can’t choose all the very fast fashion pieces.

What is the difference between Street Fashion and Casual Chic Style?

Casual Chic Style is mixing sleek pieces with informal casual pieces to tone down the causality. Street fashion is all fashion-forward casual wear which is from hip hop style to punk fashion. Street fashions are bold, eyecatching. You may say every street fashions are casual wear but every casual wear is not streetwear and most of the streetwear is defiantly not chic.

How Do I look Chic in Street Fashion?

Street style is not only about pairing up colorful pieces, or ugly Christmas sweaters, distressed jeans, loose jumpers but it’s more. Fashion builds up in street, not on the runway is simple street fashion. But mainstream fashion sometimes gets influenced by street fashion. Street fashion is based on individuals rather than focusing on the current trends.

For street fashions, I would probably say invest in oversized tees, pullovers, jeans. But don’t forget we do wanna look chic, that’s the main motive. So buy skinny, bootcut jeans, shorts, skirts, dungarees, jumpsuits and never mix up too many colors. You may buy little distress but don’t go too far it can ruin the look. I always prefer the polished look. Look at the above picture, I’ll add a white polished jacket to it. So what you have to do is throw a jacket on top of your tank top or crop top. You also can pair a plain strippy sleeves dress with a printed tee or top.

Street Chic Style

If you’re wearing a loose top pair it with a fitted bottom and vise versa. Never wear too oversized pieces. Try to buy cute-looking blouses and shorts for a chic look. Pair your jumpsuit with an open-front feminine look sweater or a belt. For dresses pair it with sneakers or sports shoes for more of a street look. Add sleek sunglasses for a chic look. You may add a cap for a sporty look.

Remember what we wear within our comfort zone with a very fast fashion-forward sense is the street style. To look chic add chic items accordingly. That can be sleet accessories like earrings, or a thin belt. Or you can neutralize your outfit with a feminine piece. That’s all Street chic fashion is something you don’t have to think about too much.

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