Acne is one of the most common skin problems we face at least once in our entire life. There are various types of acne. An acne is a form of pimples. When you have one pimple after another without recovering from the last pimple and your face has multiple pimples at a time for an extended period, probably acne.

What is Acne?

Inflammatory conditions like red bumps, papules, or pimples and non-inflammatory lesions like blackheads and whiteheads filled with bacterial fluid anything can form acne.

Why Having Acne During Puberty Hit is Common?

At puberty androgens hormones like testosterone, and DTH secretion increase. These hormones stimulate sebaceous glands to produce sebum production. This extra sebum or oil deposits into the sebaceous follicle and thus lead to acne formation. Male and female both faces acne skin condition because of extra sebum production which is normal. You may notice acne on the face, chest, and upper back because sebaceous glands locate there.

Acne can also form from some medications that contain androgen. If you’re stressed emotionally that can also trigger forming pimples.

Types of Acne

There are various types of acne. Acne formation takes more than just extra sebum production.

What are Blackheads?

A bacteria named Propionibacterium acnes must be present in stratum corneum cells. These cells are present in the sebaceous follicle line. This bacteria in presence of sebum form a plug inside of the follicle. This reduces the follicle opening. Then the material inside gets oxidized and gets darker in color, black at the end. Blackheads form like this.

What are Whiteheads?

Whiteheads are non-oxidized blackheads. If the material inside of follicles doesn’t get oxidized they will not get darker or black. This happens when the formed plug is bigger and that closes the follicle opening completely it will expand and form whiteheads.

What are Papules?

This is a type of blemish caused by a lesion. These look like small bumps. These Papules later turn into pustules or pimples. When a hair follicle and extra oil are clogged within skin cells because of lesions, or waxing. That extra oil helps Propioni acnes to multiply.

What are Pimples or Pustules?

These are swollen patch of skin that is full of yellowish fluid. This fluid is called pus. From an injury, wound or infection pimples can form. When infected fluid is mixed with dead white blood cells pimple appears and as the base is blood cells, so it becomes reddish when you will see red bumps with a whitish or yellowish center that is a Pustule or pimples.

Is it Okay to Press Pimples?

No, not. I never did that. When someone tries to remove the formed plug from the follicle with a device or finger, it will often cause a rupture. Leaked cells, sebum plus bacteria will touch and go into the dermis layer inside and will provoke another inflammation. That is why it is never right to press your whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples.

What are Nodules?

Nodules can grow under the epidermis layer or deeper like in internal organs. Any lump underneath the skin which is at least 1cm in size is generalized as Nodules. This can be in the armpits, neck area, lungs, or head. These are solid and painful.

Symptoms of Acne

You know what are whiteheads, blackheads, papules, and pimples by now. Anything can form acne.

Remember face is not the only place you may have acne. The face, neck, back, chest, and shoulder are all the possible areas you may have acne. When you apply beauty products o your skin, feel the skin texture by lightly slipping your fingers. If any area feels uneven, like a bump, something which should not be there can be a start. Sometimes I have just a single pimple, I let it grow and it gets cured by itself. But if it’s going one to two then four then ance is forming.

Other symptoms are dark spots and discoloration. Your skin may swell in a particular tiny area. You may have inflammation and feel irritation. Sometimes it can be a little painful in a particular spot.

Other Activities that Triggers Skin Problems – Causes

Several factors can cause pimples and then acne if it gets worse. Anything that can affect our health can affect our skin too. Our skin is the mirror of our health. So if you are not healthy generally your skin also will be unhealthy.

  • It is better to use cheap (budget-friendly) and fewer products than actually cheap, toxic products. Never think that this product just contains one single bad ingredient and others are good so you will get benefits. It does not work that way. We do not improve our skin condition day by day, we maintain it. There are already so many toxic things in the environment including UV rays that damage our skin a lot. So say NO to the toxic products.
  • It is also better to use light products with low oil content. If you do the right skincare that affects positively but if not that may break your skin. For example, Over exfoliation.
  • Say no to essential oils. I love essential oils. But they are strong. And not good for sensitive skin. They can irritate and cause acne.
  • Smoking affects the skin directly not in a single way but multiple ways. When you take the smoke and blow out your cheek and skin around your lip squeeze. That will lead to skin wrinkling fast. The smoke affects your skin directly though. Not to tell tobacco will damage your lungs, health and so your skin.
  • Poor sleep affects your health, skin, and eye so badly. If you have acne problems first thing you need to do is sleep properly. Remember sleeping 7 hours straight is better than sleeping two times in a day for four hours. you may sleep twice. But sleeping for 7 hours straight is very important.
  • Diet. A good diet is very important for smooth life flow. I am not saying don’t eat fast foods. I eat a lot of fast foods and street foods. But when I don’t I eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. Fruits are in my daily routine. Fruits play a very important role in our skin. You need to balance things. If you’re eating rich today keep something green, healthy foods, and fruits for tomorrow. Keep it simple. Eating lots of food does not bring any value to your health that just increases the work of your digestive system. Having 2 meals is very important. With meals have two more snacks time. Don’t eat less again, just because I said. Eat what your body (depending on the height, and age) needs.
  • Polycystic Overy Syndrome affects hormone levels and that leads to pimples and severe acne problems.
  • Stress, Anxiety can affect your skin and cause acne.
  • Tight Clothes can be a reason.
  • Last but not least acne may be genetic. But can be cured if careful.

Few Diet Rules

Some foods can be good for you and bad for others. Some food can be bad to consume at certain times. Food and diet is the most important thing that affects our health besides sleep we need to be careful. Now, I am not a dietitian. But I’m listing something you may feel track.

  • Milk, Lactose. Consuming milk and milk products like butter, cheese, ice creams, pizza, burgers with cheese, creams, or milk itself can trigger pimples. If you have already pimples it’s better to rest the milk products for a few days because it can worsen the condition. There is dairy-free cheese, and butter you can consume.
  • Fatty Acids like Omega-3, Vegetables, and Probiotics like yogurt or other fermented product helps to cure acne. These are good to consume. Refined carbs help to reduce acne.

Eat and Live healthy!

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