In the fourth step of the cleansing process, I use Detoxifying clay mask for deep pore cleansing. This is not something you do daily. It’s quite a special treat for your skin. Here I gathered some Questions regarding detox masks.

Detoxifying Clay Mask
Detoxifying Clay Mask

What is a Detoxifying Clay Mask?

Clay masks are made of active clay material to cleanse the skin from deep and make it smoother, and brighter with just a single or few uses. As the name is suggesting, it detoxifies the skin.

How do Clay Masks work?

Clay masks can remove chemicals, stubborn particles, old built-up stubborn dirt, sebums, impurities from clogged pores, etc. When you apply it the product feels like wet clay, well it is clay after all. It dried up after a few minutes you apply it. And then it absorbs all the extra oils and impurities from your skin. Different Clay has different Cation Exchange Capacity which measures the ability of negative charge of a Clay. This is why Clay can absorb, and remove all kinds of dirt from the skin.

Is it Necessary to Use Clay Masks?

It absorbed excess sebum, clears pores, and deep cleanses the skin. The main answer is Yes, everybody should use clay masks after a certain age or time.

Who Can Use Clay Masks?

If you are a teenager, you probably do not need clay masks, especially if you don’t have any blackheads, whiteheads, and large pores. If your skin is nourished, healthy, and baby-like, keep it that way. In teenagers, everybody sufferers from acne problems at least once. I also faced that. But that also does not mean you have to use a clay mask immediately. I will recommend using a clay mask when you’re about 17-18 years old. I started at 20.

How to Prep Skin Before Applying Clay Mask?

First of All, You do Double Cleansing if you have your makeup, and sunscreen on. Otherwise Just Water-Cleanse your skin. Then Properly Exfoliate. The most common mistake of exfoliating is overdoing it. If you over-exfoliate your skin, it will become sensitive, red, irritated, and most harmful rather than good. After doing these 2-3 step skin become soft. And the upper dead skin cells are already eliminated by now. This is how you prepare your skin for a clay mask. For a spa experience, dab a towel in warm water and cleanse your face with that in every step. After Exfoliating use light mist water. Then take a good amount of the clay mask, and apply it all over the face, under the chin. Don’t miss any place instead of eyelids.

Is it Necessary to Use Different Clay Masks for Different Types of Skin?

It is a must to use a different clay mask for different skin types until or unless you have normal, healthy skin. Because Clays are high absorbents you do not wanna make dry skin more dry or sensitive skin more sensitive or too light for oily skin. For normal skin types, the restrictions are less. For Oily and/or Acne-Prone skin use Green clay, and Bentonite clay. For Dry and Sensitive skin, use Rose Clay or Rhassoul Clay and for Oily and Sensitive skin, you also can use Green Clay. Green Clay means French Green Clay. For normal skin, Multani or Fuller’s Earth, Kaolin, Green Zeolite, Rose, etc Clays are okay.

How To Use Clay Mask?

In the 3rd Step of Skincare use a Clay mask. Take an adequate amount with a Spoon from the package, and apply with your finger, or with an applying brush. I prefer my hand over anything. Why waste? But if you are doing it for another person, definitely use a brush for hygiene. Now very important thing, Do not dry your mask totally on your skin. If the package is saying leave it for 20-30 minutes you don’t have to. When you will notice the mask has started to dry out, that’s the exact time of washing it off. Do not let your Clay mask dry on your skin. Don’t flash water and rub your skin. Remove the clay mask with a proper massage stroke with your finger. It will melt. And then apply water again and continue massaging the clay off. After removing the remaining clay properly hydrate your skin with a mist, toner, or moisturizer whatever you have.

What Precaution do I need to Take after Applying Clay Mask?

It’s better to not get in contact with direct sunlight during the day especially if you did exfoliate and mask. But if you’re going outside never forget to apply a thick layer of Sunscreen defiantly over moisturizer. Don’t forget moisturizer after washing your face ever.

How Many Times do I need to use Clay Mask?

I had used it weekly up to 23 years old. Now I use it thrice in two weeks. This is just for giving you an idea. It depends on how mature your skin is. In my opinion, Do a minimum of once, and a maximum of thrice a week.

Is it Okay That My Face Tingle After Applying Clay Mask?

It is okay to feel a tingling feeling on the face after applying any mask. But it must be tingling not any irritation or negative feeling. If you have any doubt check the ingredients. Some acids like AHAs and BHAs may present in the clay mask and can cause a tingling or tightening feeling which is okay and safe.

How do I know I have an Overused Clay Mask?

If your face becomes red or irritated or tightens a lot like everything dried out that means you’ve overused a Clay mask or the clay mask is not that good. Remember does not matter how good your cleaning products are they never should dry your skin. It never should give you a very tight feeling. A little tightening and medium dry feeling after a clay mask is perfectly okay, but not more than that. To use a Clay mask perfectly remove it before drying on your skin.

Is it Okay to Use Clay Mask Every Day?

No. It’s neither okay nor necessary to use a Clay mask Every day. You may use Light clays, like Rose, and Kaolin daily but not necessary. And strong clays are not okay to use daily.

Is It Okay to Leave Clay Mask Overnight?

When I saw this question on the internet I was like, Oh, My! No! Never! Listen, clay masks draw impurities from the skin. We DO NOT LEAVE a Clay mask when it started drying out on the skin. It can be 5, 10, or 15 minutes even after the packaging is saying it to apply for 30 minutes. Do not leave it when you see it has started drying out like 50%. Wash it properly as I mentioned before.

Can Clay Mask Tighten Skin?

Yes, a Clay mask can tighten your skin and large pores. Strong Clay masks like Bentonite, and French Green clays are good for reducing pores and tightening your skin. Now, remember, do not believe in myths if someone says any product can remove the pores. Pores are like small holes in your skin. It’s your skin’s anatomy. It can’t be reduced or removed. But Clay masks can detox your pores which reduces the visibility of pores.

Can Clay Mask Remove Whiteheads?

What are Whiteheads? Whiteheads are clogged pores with dead skin cells with bad sebum that reason for growing bacteria thus forming acne from whiteheads. Clay masks help to remove any type of sebum though they will not show results immediately they will help to clean up the place, reduce the inflammation, and speed up the curing process.

Can Clay Mask Remove Blackheads?

What are Blackheads? Blackheads are clogged pores with hair in it. Or clogged blocked hair follicles. Blackheads can cause by waxing, wrong direction shaving, etc. As the hair follicle is blocked, inside hair creates a bump that is seen above a thin cell layer. The best way to remove Blackhead is to soften the area and then, exfoliate the area, regularly (body) or thrice a week (face). You can follow the area with a clay mask after exfoliating, but particularly just the mask will not help to remove blackheads.

Are Clay Masks Okay For Mature Skin?

Mature skin contains less moisture so this question may come into your mind if you need a Clay mask or not. Even if it lacks good moisture does not mean it lacks dirt or old sebums. Most importantly cell cycle rate is also reduced when you’re maturing. And skin looks duller as we become older and older. So the more reason to use masks to glow up the alive cells. It will remove pollutants and the face will look brighter with matured cells. Use Rhassoul Clay, it’s a gentle and good option for matured skin.

Are Clay Masks Okay to Apply during Pregnancy?

Yes. But, When you’re pregnant never give any less attention to the ingredients. Consult with a dermatologist and your gynecologist before using any product. Trust me, even though I will try to give you the right information you should always choose what’s best at this time. Don’t start using it just because I told or wrote in my blog. Avoid toxic ingredients like parabens, Mineral oils, Silicon, SLS, or any harmful ingredients and essential oils.

What are The Different Types of Clay Masks?

Different Clay masks are Charcoal, Bentonite, Brazilian, Kaolin, Rose, Rhassoul, Fuller’s Earth, French Green, and Zeolite Clay.

Are Clay Masks Good for Dry Skin?

It’s a good question because the basic property of Clay is to absorb oils from the skin. But don’t forget it refines the skin overall. Remove remaining dead cells, and clean pores. You just need to use a gentle clay mask. Before applying a clay mask apply a hydrating toner on your face and neck. Rhassoul clay is very gentle and any dry skin person can use it. If your skin is not too dry you can use Rose clay. After applying clay do not leave it for more than 10 minutes ever, doesn’t matter what the package says. If it started to dry out like 20%, rinse in the proper manner I mentioned before.

Can Clay Masks Cause Break Out?

Yes, but don’t worry. If you are using a clay mask while you have clogged pores there’s a possibility of breaking out a little bit in that particular area (Definitely not in the whole face, it means something wrong with the ingredient or your skin didn’t like any particular ingredient). When a pore is clogged with hair follicles, dirt, sebum, or bacteria, clay tries to unclog that pore to remove all the pollutants. It just brings everything to the surface of the skin. In a sentence, it quickens the process. So it’s a good sign if your whole face is not showing any other negative signs or extra breakouts.

Can Clay Masks Cure Pimples?

I can’t promise that it cures the Pimples totally but it speeds up the whole process by absorbing extra sebum and removing dirt, and gunks. Pimples can be caused by poor diet, bad sleeping habits, etc. That’s why I will not say, just using a clay mask will help to get rid of Pimples. It helps to not get pimples overall by keeping skin clean. Acne is caused by excess bacteria, sebum, and deposited dead skin cells. Clay masks are a holy grail to remove all of these. So it is a great thing to use regularly once-thrice in a week accordingly for clear skin.

Are Clay Masks Good for Rosacea?

What is Rosacea? It is a chronic inflammatory skin condition that causes visible redness in blood vessels in the face. Yes, you can use a Clay mask to calm your skin. Use Rhassoul clay which is gentle for the skin. Don’t use strong clays.

Are Clay Masks Good for Eczema?

What is Eczema? It is a skin condition where your skin looks red and feels itchy, rough, and cracked. Like Rosacea, using a light, a gentle clay mask can help to calm down your face. Never use a strong clay mask multiple times in a week, Once in a week is okay as a beginner. Rose, Kaolin, and French Green clay are good for sensitive skin and have good anti-inflammatory properties. Do not use more than five minutes.

What to Use After Clay Mask?

Mist, Toner, or Moisturizer depends on what you have. I am giving you the whole order of using products? Rember it’s not necessary to use them all, just skip to the next step you have. Here are the steps and orders you need to follow!

  1. Oil Cleansing. First Step of Double Cleansing.
  2. Cleanser (Water-based) or Facewash. Instead of using both some may use Cleansing cream, balm, or milk with an emulsifier which will help to remove all kinds of oily, watery dirt from the skin
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Detoxifying
  5. Mist spray. You may use Softener in this step.
  6. Toning and Moisturizing deep with Rich Korean Toners.
  7. Essence
  8. Serum
  9. Ampoule
  10. Sheet Mask (Conditions are applied on which step you need to use it based on the texture of your sheet mask, READ THE POST)
  11. Lotions
  12. Moisturizer
  13. Eye Cream
  14. Sunscreen
  15. Lip Balm

Confused about why I kept some products in this way? Here’s my explanation that why you need to use products in this way!

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