Mist is the lightest formulation among skincare items. It is almost like water. 95-99% of a mist spray ingredient is water. You may wonder why you need a mist spray. I know each site will give some reason to use mist spray. I will also give some reasons, but that does not mean you must have to use it. It’s the least necessary item! Here I will only talk about face mist for skin benefits, not body perfume mist.

Face Mist
Face Mist

What is Face Mist Spray?

It’s a 1st step skincare product you spray or pat on your face. Face mist may contain essential oils (Not for the face), Aloe vera extract, Rose steam water, Coconut water, Green tea extract, Vitamins E, C, Hyaluronic Acids in a very very low concentration.

What is Face Mist Spray Used for?

It hardly brings any benefit to your skin but is perfect for a beginner who is just starting her/his skincare. It is the lightest weight. Mists sprays provide hydration, it’s refreshing, soothe skin, and most importantly prepare the face for the next skincare products. The rest of the thing depends on the extract of something or special ingredient mixed with it. Mists work well as an anti-inflammatory like rose water, aloe vera water, etc. The hyaluronic acid mist will provide good hydration than other mists. Vitamin mists are good for teen skin when you’re not supposed to apply direct vitamin serums on the skin.

1. Refresh Skin

Mists refresh skin and uplift mood. Sometimes they contain light fragrances that help to uplift the mood. When you wake up in the morning spray the mist after washing your face to moisten it. It’s best when you don’t wanna use any other costly products like before one hour bath, but you need something. It’s like face natural and refreshing fragrance. Make sure it does not have unnecessary essential oils for fragrance. As the mist is steam water of Rose, Alovera, or any flower it contains a mild beautiful scent. Additionally, most mists have a claiming, cooling effect that will refresh you.

2. Soothe Inflammation

It’s hydrating, lightweight, relaxing, refreshing, and contains no active ingredients it soothes skin. Sometimes on the day of special care when I do a double cleansing-exfoliating-detoxifying mask, even if I don’t overdo anything, feels like my skin needs a little rest. Sensitive, dry skin people can feel it more, their skin becomes red. At that time do not apply any active serum or anything. Just spray a calming Aloe vera, Rose or Lavender (Amazon) Spray on your face and relax. After 30 minutes start your skincare with mist again. Don’t fall asleep in claiming sweet Lavender fragrance! But, attention does not use any essential oil if your skin doesn’t love it or is very sensitive.

3. Lightest and Non-tacky Formulation

Mist is good for dry skin as well as Oily skin. Mist is the only product that does not need to use an emulsifier because it does not contain any oil molecule. So when it’s very hot and you’re probably sweating all you need to do is wash your face and apply mist water.

4. Prepare, Set, Blend, Rejuvenate Makeup

Apply mist before applying makeup to create a smooth and hydrated canvas for your foundation. It doesn’t work as a Primer as many claims. Remember primer is something that acts as a barrier and fills the pore. It does not work that way. It will help you to get a non-rough surface.

It helps to blend your foundation better for sure. It will help you to get a natural, non-cakey finish. You probably heard a damp makeup sponge works better right? Well, when you can damp it with a mist or toner, why water? Damping a sponge with just tap water is not a good idea as water contains dirt and bacteria.

Setting sprays are also mists. Different kind of. Though, a normal spray doesn’t work as a setting spray. Think of a product helps to blend products how can the same product set it? But use it every alternative hour to maintain a dewy look and avoid cracking the foundation on the face. It just helps you to maintain a refreshing, even, and dewy look.

5. Boosts Absorption & Blend Skincare Products

Okay first of all little damp skin works as a better moist absorbent. So mist will help to get the next skincare products absorbed better. Never use skin care products on dry skin. If you’re in your teen you don’t need to spend a lot on skincare. In that case, if you have toner you can use that in your first step or after washing your face pat the towel (Do not dry your face) on the face leaving it damp, and apply your moisturizer immediately. On the other hand, the mist is so watery that it can spread the products easily.

6. Hydrate Skin

You may question why hydrate with a mist when I have a better option? You don’t need it but may consider it in these cases. When you travel you may not wanna touch your face. Especially in any AC room skin dehydrates quickly. Mist is a lightweight formula so it can go deep into your skin and restore balance rather than other products. For dry skin adding a good mist is a wise choice. Dry-skin people’s worst mistake is using heavy products alone. If the skin is super dry for a long period it became cracky and not a very good absorbent of moisture. Larger particles can’t be absorbed through the skin while mist, toner, and hydrating serum will. Some Mists have humectants to help absorb moist, water from the environment. Look for Glycerine, Hyaluronic acid in it.

7. May Control Breakouts

There’s no evidence that mist can control breakouts whatsoever but some ingredients may present in particular mists that can help not to get breakouts. For example, if any AHA, BHA is present in your mist it will gently exfoliate your skin and help to get clear skin by removing dead skin cells and oils. But that is not something that will hydrate your skin. So it’s kinda like a smartphone can’t give you the quality a good camera can. But you’re getting a little from all.

When do I need to Use Mist?

First of all, you don’t need it but if you want you can add it to your routine at mentioned times. In the morning after waking up apply mist spray. It will refresh your mood, mind, and skin. In hot summer when you don’t wanna apply anything, apply mist spray. It has a calming property. As well as under Sunscreen when you don’t wanna apply anything Mist spray is your only friend because hydration is a necessity. You can also use Mist spray before going to bed.

Before applying makeup you need to use moisturizer, Sunscreen, or primer. But adding a Mist spray before applying makeup will add a little bit of extra hydration without feeling heavy on the skin. After applying makeup sometimes it gets dry on the face, or our skin feels dry. It is because the foundation and other products absorb moisture continuously. You can spray mist on your face and neck to maintain hydration and refresh yourself. Mist spray will also prevent makeup, and lipstick to become cracky or cakey.

How Many Times Do I Need to Use Mist Spray?

As there is no must rule for mist spray, there’s also no rule for how many times. You can use it multiple times or may/may not use it at all. I will not convince you to use it just for my benefit to be true. I don’t use mists anymore. Save time, save money!

Who Needs Mist Spray?

No one needs it but it seems perfect for a beginner. Why? Because as a beginner many may not like doing skincare because it will feel something is on your skin. Mist is the lightest formula among skincare items. If you want something extra than a moisturizer (which is a must) you can add mists before moisturizer.

I have used Juicy Chemistry Bulgarian Rose Mist for two years. I loved it. It smells sweet. It’s pure and 100% Certified Organic. But it’s only available in India probably. Another best choice is Pure Bulgarian Rose Necter, you can consume it internally, best for skin, hair & health overall. Rosewater will improve digestion, boost mood, and reduce inflammation like other mist. I don’t know Rosewater is a personal choice among all mist 🌹 But I do not continue it anymore as I’m in my late twenties, I need more hydration, moisture with other benefits.

Mist Sprays for Different Skin Types

If you’re normal or have combination skin you can use anything you want. My favorite mists are Juice Chemistry and Pure Necter with 100% pure Bulgarian Rose. For oily skin use any silicon-free products for sure as they may clog pores. Light mist spray like Rosewater, Aloe vera Water is a good option. For Dry skin use mists with Glycerine, Hyaluronic, or any other humectants in them. Juicy Chemistry Lavender Mist has antioxidants, Vitamin A & E in it. If you have sensitive skin or are acne-prone make sure your mist spray only contains steam water (Of any botanic), not any essential oil. Aloe vera and Lavender are good for soothing sensitive skin. Juicy Chemistry Tea Tree & Basil Toner is a good choice for Acne-prone skin.

What Are the Good Ingredients in Mist Spray to Look For?

Rose, Lavender, Aloe vera, Chamomile, Rosemary, Calendula, Linden Flower, Cedarwood, Eucalyptus, literally any there are many good Botanics good as Mist ingredients.

What Are the Bad Ingredients in Mist Spray I should Avoid?

Mist sprays are not supposed to contain hundreds of ingredients first all. If you see my favorite Two mist sprays, Juice Chemistry and Pure Necter you will see they only contain 100% Rose Extract that may steam with water. Avoid any alcohol formula like Ethyl Alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, SD Alcohol, and essential oils if your skin is very sensitive. Also, remember not every essential oil is bad for the skin.

What Do I need to Use After Mist Spray?

After mist spray uses a good moisturizing toner and follows that with a moisturizer and sunscreen if it’s daytime even if you use makeup after that. I’m giving you the whole order of how to apply skincare products. Here’s my explanation of why I keep these this way.

  1. Oil Cleansing. First Step of Double Cleansing.
  2. Cleanser (Water-based) or Facewash. Instead of using both some may use Cleansing cream, balm, or milk with an emulsifier which will help to remove all kinds of oily, watery dirt from the skin
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Detoxifying
  5. Mist spray. You may use Softener in this step.
  6. Toning and Moisturizing deep with Rich Korean Toners.
  7. Essence
  8. Serum
  9. Ampoule
  10. Sheet Mask (Conditions are applied on which step you need to use it based on the texture of your sheet mask, READ THE POST)
  11. Lotions
  12. Moisturizer
  13. Eye Cream
  14. Sunscreen
  15. Lip Balm

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