Essences are the new generation Toners or Serum. Umm… No, they are neither serum nor toner. If you’re a fan of Korean beauty products you probably know about essences. It plays an important part in our skin almost like Serums & Ampoule. In this article, I’ll tell you about the benefits, why you need an essence and how to apply it. If you have any questions please mention them in the comment.

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What is an Essence?

Essence was first introduced in 1897 by Shiseido. This was called Eudermine. Since then hundreds of companies have launched their essence with modern, light but wonderful formulas. Essence is a water-based skincare product richer than a toner that contains few active ingredients. Ingredients in essence target any particular problem. It provides nutrition for the skin and goes deep into skin layers. As essences are providing better for skin than toner they are a little costlier than toner and becoming popular.

Why Does Your Skin Need Essence?

Essences are good for the early twenties. These contain very little to no active ingredient but a high concentrated extract from something very fruitful for the skin. It may contain antioxidants, vitamins, anti-inflammatory products, and many more vital ingredients which are great for the skin. Now answer the question that why Essence needs I need to tell you, it’s not 100% mandatory. For a particular problem, you may apply a proper serum after toner. That will solve the problem. But in the modern market, there are some outstanding essences with outstanding ingredients we can’t find in Serums. That’s why for consuming the goods, we use particular essences. Practically everything is depending on your skin needs.

Skincare Benefits of Essence

Essences provide particular benefits in moisturizing the skin. It’s also a lightweight formula that leaves skin plumy by absorbing by going deep into the skin. It softens, heals, boosts hydration, helps better absorption of other products, balances pH level, smooths the skin surface, provides antioxidants, prevents wrinkles fine lines, brightens the skin, and slows the aging process.

Side Effect of Essences & Precautions to Take

There’s not any side effect of Essence either you are allergic to a particular ingredient or that essence contains some harsh things in it. Some essence may have AHA, BHA, and Retinols in an amount that is not ok for a newbie. Essence like COSRX Snail Mucin Essence contains 96% snail mucin which practically heals the skin, means perfect for every type of skin. Someone rarely faced any problem because of an essence.

Who Can You an Essence?

Everyone, every skin type can use Essence. Essence improves the overall health of the skin. In my rule, I add better products as I’m aging. I always believe in the minimum. I used mist when I was 20,21, or maybe 22. At the age of 22, I replaced my mist with a toner. Because why not? Toner provides better hydration than a mist! When I turned 24 I added Klairs Vitamin C serum once a week. I experienced other products from my mother. But never owned anything else. So, think about how your aging process is, and update your items likewise. Even if you’re in your early twenties, you may use an Essence.

How to Use an Essence?

Cleanse your face properly, Then you may or not follow it with exfoliating and detoxifying. Then apply toner or not. I will say there’s no requirement for Mists or Toners if you’re using an essence. Use Essence or any other skincare products (Except clay mask) with your hand, or fingers. Do not waste it on a cotton pad. I have no idea why people are wasting mists, toner, and essences on cloth! Where the product touches your skin, it’s good! So, spray the essence on your face directly, or take it in the palm and then transfer it to your face and neck. Feel the damp product on your face, and relax your muscles. Follow your Essence definitely with a Serum (Optional)-Moisturizer-Sunscreen (If daytime)-Lip balm.

Essence for Different Skin Types

Essences are something everybody can use. Essences and lotions are very important to provide moisture to your skin. Oily skin and even others do mistake that they jump to highly concentrated moisturizers after cleansing the face. It is okay when you are a teen and the skin does not need that much moisturization. Toners-Essences-Serums-Lotions are something that can go deep into your skin while heavy moisturizers can’t.

I’m listing my favorite Essences recommendations for each skin type. But to be true you can use any of them. These Essences are gems and provide only good for your skin anyhow. Never be afraid to use rich but light products even you have oily skin 🤗

The first is a luxury product (Which I don’t think you should expand until you hit 30!) SK-II Facial Essence. This is the absolute best essence worth the pennies. It has Pietra which is Galactomyces fermented product that benefits the skin all over! But it’s a lot of pennies huh 😅 ? So if you don’t have the money I have a dupe for this product. It’s Missha The First Treatment Essence. This has fermented ingredients. Not only that it has Niacinamide, another overall! It has Ceramides and is Fragrance-free! From Normal to Dry anyone can use these Essences. But if you’re not bothered by moisture, anybody with acne-prone, oily skin types also can use these.

Another good fermented good Essence is Innisfree Soybean Essence. This is a light hydrating product rich in antioxidants and fermented Soybean extract. What can I say? Another amazing Essence is COSRX 96 Snail Mucin Essence with 96% Snail mucin in it! It is fragrant, parabens, and sulfates-free. Both are perfect for any skin type. If you have sensitive, irritated skin treats it first with COSRX 96 Snail Mucin Essence.

Different Between Toners & Essence

The first difference between toner and essence is, that toner is less concentrated than essence. If it’s your first purchase that may seem confusing especially if you compare a toner & essence from different companies. The second difference is Toner’s primary job is to balance pH & hydrate or damp the skin or prepare so that the next step gets absorbed and blends properly. Remember Toner is not for cleansing face, I told before and repeating. Essences are rich in good ingredients. Suppose if toner contains 10% green tea extract an essence will contain about 80% extract to target exactly what green tea can solve like moisturizing (best for dry skin), treating acne, etc.

Different Between Essence & Serum

The first difference between an Essence and a Serum is again concentration. Serums are heavier than Essence. The second Serum contains more active ingredients than Essence. A Serum’s primary ingredient will be an active ingredient like vitamin C which will directly solve problems like uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, etc. An Essence another hand may contain vitamin C but that is in a very little amount. Thirdly, unlike Toner, Essences, the primary role of serum is not hydrating skin, as I told you before it directly works on the particular problem.

Good Ingredients For Essence

Some good ingredients for Essence are snail mucin for collagen production and super healing property, Glycerine a moisturizing agent, plant extracts for antioxidants, fermented products for anti photoaging, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, etc. Nobody can dislike COSRX Snail Mucin Essence with 96% Snail mucin in it! COSRX has another Snail mucin Cream with 92% Snail mucin in it. But I love that Essence. My other favorite is Missha The First Treatment Essence enriched with Enzyme yeast fermentation.

What To Use After an Essence?

After Essence use a good moisturizer if you’re not in your twenties. If you’re in your mid/twenties add a specific Toner as per the specific problem. Now it’s not necessary to use an active Serum but understand your skin first and your aging motion. I’m giving you the whole order of how to apply skincare products. Here’s my explanation of why I keep these this way.

  1. Oil Cleansing. First Step of Double Cleansing.
  2. Cleanser (Water-based) or Facewash. Instead of using both some may use Cleansing cream, balm, or milk with an emulsifier which will help to remove all kinds of oily, watery dirt from the skin
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Detoxifying
  5. Mist spray. You may use Softener in this step.
  6. Toning and Moisturizing deep with Rich Korean Toners.
  7. Essence
  8. Serum
  9. Ampoule
  10. Sheet Mask (Conditions are applied on which step you need to use it based on the texture of your sheet mask, READ THE POST)
  11. Lotions
  12. Moisturizer
  13. Eye Cream
  14. Sunscreen
  15. Lip Balm
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