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Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.

-John Ray

About Me

If I do makeup, that will be for fun. I don’t need makeup, not because I think I’m perfect, because I accepted my imperfections


My name is Laharee. Pronounced like law-ho-ree, NOT laa-ho-re. If it’s hard just call me Lisa or Diya, my nicknames. I’m a 24 years old girl. And a student of Computer Application, doing my graduation. Yes, in my past I wasted my time on other things like partying part-time jobs, etc. No regret! They are all part of my experiences.  Now I love every moment of my life. Not because it’s picture-perfect but because I accepted downtimes and failures as a part of life, life has become so easy-going.

I’m an introvert. Hardly can express me to my close ones even. If I count I probably have 3-4 friends and only talk to them. I was not always like this. But kinda realized being an extrovert is probably harmful in our society and people start to take it as you’re available, especially for ladies. Isn’t it? Or is it just me who does not know her limit or where to stop talking? But don’t you worry, I’m good this way.

Why UnrefinedBloom?

Fun fact: I’m bad at writing, still without further thinking I started this blog in October 2021. And yes, this is obviously my very first blog. Here I may do mistakes as a beginner, but my motto is to serve my best to you, my lovely reader! 

Well, few asked me why I kept this name, especially why it has to be UN-refined?! From the past few weeks before naming it, I was thinking that beauty does not or shall not depend upon what you’re were or even how you represent it. A newborn naked baby is a beauty itself! Beautiful things don’t need to be refined or filtered. It is all-natural, like a flower in a dusty path or birds in the windy air. Just be the best version of yourself, be happy, it’s all that matters! You can contact me (unrefinedbloom@gmail.com) any time and feel free to share your experience, I’ll definitely write back!

About UnrefinedBloom

Beauty and Fashion is my interest zone. I love Beauty and Fashion so much that I can watch informational, educational videos, read books all day. I am not in a position to follow them all (Conservative Place issue!). And as I can’t express my fashion at the best now, I thought why not share it?

I will share here about Personal Styles, Varieties of fashions, attires, shoes, how to be confident with all the precious qualities you have, Best accessories accordingly style, Hairstyles, Tips on fashion, Skincare, Haircare, Facials, Body-skincare, DIYs (Do It Yourself) at home for a beautiful glass skin, nail care, Gents’ beauty, care and fashion, Diets for anti-aging and healthy skin, Essential Oils’ benefits or Aromatherapies related to skin and mind.

Exactly as much as I can about Beauty treating yourself and being your own Style icon!

As I said,


With Love, Laharee

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