I cover everything you need to know about Oil cleansing here. In this post, I will talk about the next step of cleansing. This step is something which we have followed in our entire life. We used to go to school, and play outside and all we did is washing our faces with a facewash. Even though this is the step we’re following our entire life still we may not know every important detail we need to know. That is why I’ll try to provide little details throughout the post. If you have any questions leave a comment, I will keep updating 😊

Before that, this post will clarify why we need to do double cleansing and other questions you may have regarding Double Cleansing.

Cleansing Face
Cleansing Face

Wash Your Face Properly

First of all, do not worry too much. Just remember Gentle product, Gentle massage for one minute, wash it off gently with water, don’t flash water too hard on the face, and then gently wipe it off with a soft fabric. That’s all! That’s all you need to remember for proper washing, I did not even know how to wash my face, and my skin running fine.

It is very important to use the right cleanser for your face. That’s true. But if your skin is a little dry, normal, or a little oily you definitely can use any cleanser for your face. If you’re facing a hard problem with dryness or oiliness, sensitivity or pimple that’s the time for concern.

Also, remember if your skin has any concerns please see a dermatologist instead of reading posts or watching youtube videos. Most of them contain wrong information, and mainly false promises those I dislike. To have a detailed knowledge of washing your face read the rest of the post.

1. Use Proper Cleanser For Your Skin

Find your skin type. Youth To The People is my favorite Cleanser and the best choice for Normal to Oily skin including Combination skin. You can buy it from Amazon. For very Dry skin Krave Matcha Hydrating Foam Cleanser is a good option (Amazon). It’s another favorite of mine that is just more gentle on the skin. And if you have Sensitive and Oily skin Vanicream cleanser (Amazon) can be a good option for you. Special skin types need special treatment and until you use you don’t know if you like the product. These are my favorite Cleanser. I hope you can find it accordingly.

2. Apply Properly

Wair a bandana, headband, or anything so hair does not come your way. First, wet your face. Don’t apply cleanser on dry skin. Then, dispense a small amount of the cleanser on your palm. You don’t need a lot of cleansers just because it’s not foaming. Cleansers are gentle nowadays for good! Then gently apply it to the face and neck. Massage it in a little circular motion. I have seen little circular motion works better than big circular motion. Don’t forget your neck. Do not leave a place. I have also seen in some videos, that they neglect the eye areas at any cost. Why! The eye area has also skin. The same skin, just the thickness is less. And it needs everything you use on the face except hard exfoliation and mask. So, don’t ignore any area, corner of lip, lip, under the jaw, up to the hairline.

3. Tools Needed?

If you need any facial tool during washing your face that would be a washing brush. It helps to cleanse your skin deeply, clean pores, exfoliate the whole skin, and give a relaxing massage. The question may come to your mind is it necessary? No, it’s not. But for men, it’s more needed than for women. Men’s skin is harder and has more dirt because of facial hair. For men, I will recommend a cleansing brush if you can afford one. Otherwise, an exfoliating towel or gloves also work. My favorite cleansing brush is Vanity Facial Cleansing with four Changeable brush heads (Amazon). It gives a spa feeling at home. It has different cleansing, exfoliating, body, and silicon brush with two-speed options.

4. What’s The Duration?

For everyday wash your face for 50-60 seconds. One minute cleansing or 60-second rules for washing is just perfect. You can use a facial tool like a Cleansing brush in the last 20 seconds.

5. How to Clear the Cleanser?

Apply water to your face and gently wipe it off by applying lukewarm water again and again. The mistake here often we do is flash water again and again without massaging it. You need to massage your cleanser off with water. That way dirt will be rid of properly and gently. If you wanna have a spa effect you can use wet cotton to remove the cleanser. That you need a minimum of two cotton pads and more time. I do recommend using a face towel instead of cotton because it’s reusable. The motive of using cloth instead of direct water is it gently exfoliates your skin. Using cloth instead of water will help you to get noticeably even skin within one-two months.

Some Mistake To Avoid While Second Step Cleaning

Mistake 1

Don’t ever wash your face with just water in the second step. It can cause acne, bacteria, and dirt to build up more. Never wash your face with just water. I have seen people washing their faces with just water especially when they are traveling. If you do not have another option and it’s been one day and your face is visibly dirty then you definitely can wash it with water but otherwise don’t.

Mistake 2

It’s a myth that the more drying the cleanser is the better it’s working. Do not use harsh cleanser on your face or body even. That can absorb all the necessary natural oil with dirt from your skin. The continuing process of using harsh facewash or cleanser can make your skin dry.

Mistake 3

Double cleansing does not mean cleansing twice with a facewash or with any cleanser. It means doing 1st step of cleansing with an oil-based cleanser and 2nd step with a water-based cleanser. Never repeat cleansing steps.

Mistake 4

Do not wash your face for more than 60-70 seconds. It’s a misconception still some may believe that they are cleansing for a longer period means will have a better result. We can’t clean any layer rather than the Epidermis layer of our skin. The more time you keep it it will attract more dirt because it’s moist or will make your skin dryer.

Mistake 5

Do not use stone cold water. If you can’t access lukewarm water every time then use normal water. That’s okay but do not use very cold water. Coldwater contains more germs and bacteria in it. Also do not use very warm water. Lukewarm water is good for the skin and good for cleansing.

Mistake 6

We are told to apply everything to the neck area. It is constant for cleansing purposes too. Not many do. So when you’re cleansing your face do not forget to massage your neck area with the cleanser. Specially it’s vital for men as they have beards. It’s a necessity you take extra care of your beard area and keep it clean even if you don’t have a beard. Because you still have open hair follicles or pores you need to take care of.

Mistake 7

Do not use an all-rounder cloth to wipe your face. That contains dirt from every part of your body. Also do not use another person’s face cloth. Have your soft fabric to wipe your face.

Mistake 8

Do not Scrub or Rub with a towel or any cloth. Dab your cloth softly and press on your face skin to absorb water. It may seem difficult at first but trust me it is easy after you make it a habit.

Mistake 9

Never leave your face bare, undried, or damp after washing. I repeat never. Damp skin will attract a lot of dirt and can make the condition worse. Toner, Moisturizer, is different because they are creating an extra layer. But bare face after washing means dirt will penetrate your skin and keeping it dam is worse, means your skin is attracting all kinds of dirt. Always keep something in the Skincare to follow up with, to protect your skin.

Mistake 10

Double Cleansing is not always necessary when you don’t have any makeup or Sunscreen. At that time, eliminate oil cleansing. Also, take care you are not over-washing your face. Never wash more than two times a day and must wash at least once a day. Some wash their face 3-4 times a day. Washing thrice is not overwashing but also not that good for your skin. The skin has its natural oils, it takes time to work and is responsible for the natural glow. Over-washing can cause make your skin dry and more sensitive because nothing is getting the needed time to work.

What’s Next?

Why not I give you the whole order of using products? Rember it’s not necessary to use them all, just skip to the next step you have. Here are the steps and orders you need to follow!

  1. Oil Cleansing. First Step of Double Cleansing.
  2. Cleanser (Water-based) or Facewash. Instead of using both some may use Cleansing cream, balm, or milk with an emulsifier which will help to remove all kinds of oily, watery dirt from the skin
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Detoxifying
  5. Mist spray. You may use Softener in this step.
  6. Toning and Moisturizing deep with Rich Korean Toners.
  7. Essence
  8. Serum
  9. Ampoule
  10. Sheet Mask (Conditions are applied on which step you need to use it based on the texture of your sheet mask, READ THE POST)
  11. Lotions
  12. Moisturizer
  13. Eye Cream
  14. Sunscreen
  15. Lip Balm

Confused about why I kept some products in this way? Here’s my explanation that why you need to use products in this way!

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