Here I will share how to look like a French or more refined look, Parisian. They are fashionable, classy, timeless, chic all the year. That’s why I believe if you nail the winter Parisian look, you can wear it anywhere around the world. Before I talked about it, you may check out How to build the Perfect Parisian Wardrobe. And don’t forget to see Ultimate Three tips to look like Parisian

So, as you can see I have already covered the main points (What you need and how to carry) in these two articles. In this post, I will just list down the items in more detail as much I can, in this post. So you know what exactly you gonna need if you’re traveling French in colder and hotter months.

How to nail the Parisian look in Colder months?

I am listing 16 leading, trendy but timeless items to nail the Parisian look. Then I will give a little detail on how to style them. These are warm coats, woolen items, cashmere items, knitwears, woolen hats, warm footwear, etc.

1. Fluffy Puffy Layers

Fluffy coats are back! These are becoming trendy nowadays again. Embrace yourself with any camel tone faux coat. These are also available in long height. Looks great and is also great for the cold. I love to wear a stylish white faux and fluffy coat. Then there is the Puffer Jacket. For some women who love a 100% feminine look, French fashion is not for them. So yes, the Puffer jacket is for French women. It’s perfect for the coldest month.

2. Trench Coats

Trench coats are all-time classic coats and something French ladies can’t live without. You can wear a Trench coat over a turtleneck sweater or top. Crew neck jumpers will also look underneath. There are not just very common camel tones for trench coats but also some beautiful cool dark olive tones, you may choose.

3. Long Coats

Any, at least one Long coat is necessary for your wardrobe. The trench coat is for mild cold. But a woolen or Cashmere long coat is necessary for the coldest month in France. It’s also very beneficial because you can wear anything underneath it and it will cover everything. There are four lengths of coat. Mini-short which ends before your hip. Then short, which ends at your mid-thigh. Midi Coats or Three-Quarter coats end just before your knee. And then comes long coats end at your mid-calf. If you are a petite girl, like me, never choose long (long) coats. Because midi (up to the knee) coats are long for us. That will do just fine.

4. Woolen Blazers

If you don’t wear wool in winter when you will wear it? Some cannot afford Cashmere blazers, coats and that’s okay. A good quality woolen piece is as timeless as a Cashmere coat. Remember, I am talking about blazers not sweaters. Blazers will give you a more crispy, refined look. Find double-breasted blazers for coldest months and single-breasted blazers for mild cold. A tweed-tailored jacket will look also classy. You can also wear a blazer above on a sweater for colder months to look smart.

5. Belted Jackets

Belted Jacket adds a little bit of shape to the garment. You can style any woolen blazer with a waist-cinching belt. There are also beautiful denim jackets that come with belts. Pair it with a straight cut, boot cut, or skinny jeans in the same tone. Denim monochromatic is the most modern look of any color. Denim elevates the whole look towards time. Pair it with a camel color heel or boot if you feel cold.

6. Shearing Lining

Shearing lining items are a must in French Staple items. Shearing-lined suede jackets make the appearance more Frenchy. You may pair it with straight ankle jeans and a brown boot.

7. Chunky Cardiguns

Knitwears always add a grunge look but in a classic way. Cardigans are the ultimate way to look librarian chic. Waer skirt or jeans with your oversized or normal cardigans. That will do. for a more refined look wear a cardigan over a shirt. Out your collar over your cardigan. Then wear a midi skirt which is covering your knee. This is perfect for mild cold months.

8. Sweters, Knitwears

HANG ON! If you are thinking sweaters are just too casual and common, grab a woolen dress. There are midi sweater dresses, one-side slit knitted long dresses, you can style with heel or boot.

9. Turtleneck

Turtleneck top to Sweater everything is made for Winters! Pair a turtleneck sweater with skirts, jeans, trousers. Layer it with a refined, sleek tailored blazer if you want. Pair it with a boot to nail the classy winter Parisian look.

10. Shackets

White to Beige Shackets are my favorite. They are traditionally associated with French, Parisian fashion. You can buy it in different colors if you want. If you don’t know what a Shacket is, it is between a Shirt and a Jacket. Or you can say thick shirts, best for winters. You can style it in cold months while in the coldest months you can wear it underneath a long coat! Lovely and warm right?

11. Corduroy Pants

Corduroy pants are one of the Gallic staples in winter. They look so classy perfect for winters. Buy high-waisted Corduroy pants for more coverage and an elevated look. Birkin or Alexa Chung is an easy way to raise both metaphoric and warmth to an outfit. You can choose a camel tone, deep blue, or go for a creamy jewel tone, like a deep sapphire, ruby red, burgundy, and pair with a white sweater 😍

12.High Waisted

If you are a petite girl like me, want an elongated appearance of your leg, wear high-waisted jeans. If you wanna a little bit more warmth wear high-waisted jeans. Consider high-waisted jeans if you are wearing a knee-length boot. Don’t choose skinny for a Frenchy look. High-waisted means it is already defining your waist. So choose straight cut, bootcut, boyfriend jeans to add masculinity to your appearance. You can wear tailored, high-waisted trousers for a more refined look.

13. Oversize

Winter is the perfect time to go oversize for everything. Style an oversize blazer with a belt or not. Little but baggy is not bad if you can carry it classically. You can also wear thick woolen sweaters. Pair it with boyfriend jeans for a more street look.

14. Boots

Just like wool, Boots are perfect for winters. If you ask me how can I spend the whole 4 months in just a boot? Dear, there is various kind of boots from sophisticated to sexy, ankle to knee, chunky to sleek. Don’t forget that boots boost the whole look. Wearing an oversized sweater, blazer with denim? Wear a classic boot to refine the look.

15. Loafers

Still, if you want a change, I do understand. And, here comes loafer. Loafers are all-time French favorites, It add a little bit of masculinity to the outfit. Pair it with ankle-length trousers or jeans for a more casual look. Remember loafers will look better with slim pants, not with baggy pants. Chanel has our favorite Loafer if you want to buy it. Loafers are not 100% classy. Though still, it is available in sophisticated to street look.

16. Make a statement with Accessories

Make a statement with your accessories when you can’t with your clothes in winter. Normally winter items are very pricy and we end up buying in just neutral tones. Why waste money in other colors when you will buy only a few right? And that is why I’m saying to add color through your accessories. You also can wear, Yellow, Red, Blue blouses underneath but in the harsh cold, everything gets covered.

  • Carry a stand-out stylish purse. Purse is something you will also probably have in neutral colors. So make it stylish and buy-in a unique shape. Believe me, people notice everything.
  • Add colorfull Woolen Hats to stand out. Beanies also look cute. Add a red beanie for flash of a color.
  • Wear sheer tights underneath of your skirts in winter.

  That's all for today! I hope you liked it (❁´◡`❁)  

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