Here are 20 essentials a French lady will defiantly not miss in summer. Or you should not miss them if you wanna look like them. These are not just my French look staples but for every look in Summer and Spring. Because if you look like them, classy, chic, fashionable at a time, what do you need more? Before I talked about it, you may check out How to build the Perfect Parisian Wardrobe. And don’t forget to see Ultimate Three tips to look like Parisian.

You can see, that I have already listed all the staples and the main rules to follow to look Parisian. Now scroll down to master the French look in Spring and Summer. As I said, whether you’re wandering the lanes of Paris or French or any other place this is for everyone, everywhere.

How to nail the Parisian look in Warmer months?

Here I will all the staples you need to nail the French/Parisian Summer-Spring Style. Summer and Spring are for showing off in all possible ways you can. But as I said in my Three tips post, they don’t reveal too much skin or try to look extremely sexy. It’s all about an in-between look!

1. Tees and Tanks

White t-shirts and Tank tops are favorites of Parisian women. But that does not mean you can’t wear it in different colors. Try neutral beautiful colors for Spring and white to beige in Summer. Buy pure cotton, and stylish tees. You can wear everything from fitting to loose-fitting all kinds of white tees. Also, remember to buy in solid colors. No patterns, no pleats, no prints, no buttons. Tip: Style your tees with a Tweed skirt, Cropped pants, Culottes, or Corduroy, or wear it underneath a Dungaree. A tank will also look good with dress pants with a matching blazer.

2. Button-Down Shirts

Again when it comes to shirts, you can see at least one lady in an oversize white shirt. Again, you definitely can wear different colors of shirts, like light blue, grey, beige, or Khaki. At this time, you can style a solid White shirt or stripe colored shirts with jeans, trousers, Cigarette pants, Flared pants, etc.

3. Vintage Blouses

Pair your vintage beautiful patterned blouses with any jeans and a basket bag for weakened daytime. This casual outfit is perfect for holidays, and travel. You can go with a single color like a white or blue blouse with Red or Burgendy flared Jean. There are beautiful Red floral printed blouses which you can wear with Denim or White jean, perfect for Springtime. Even for vintage blouses, don’t be afraid to wear modern patterns. Frenches are quite fashion-forward.

4. Crop Blouses and Sweaters

If you have crop blouses utilize them in the Summertime. Though you can always style an oversize blouse, a button-down shirt is a cropped blouse. Tie any oversize top or shirt them in front, just above your navel, and pair it with high-rise blue or white jeans. There are cropped, sleeveless stylish sweaters that look very stylish and you can style them with flared cotton pants, or flared jeans, perfect for the Springtime.

5. Bodysuits

Bodysuits are one-piece skin-tight top that covers the torso and the crotch area. It can be full sleeve to sleeveless. It looks like a One-Piece swimsuit but its material is like a regular cotton or silk material which is not for water use. Monochromatic, light same color patterns look so good with flared tailored trousers or jeans. You also can style them with linen blazers.

6. One-Piece Swimsuits

For the pool, times wear a mono or duo chromatic one-piece swimsuit. One-pieces swimsuits are not just more sophisticated but they also look more stylish and modern than a bikini or two-piece swimsuit and are a staple for a French Summer wardrobe. You also can style a classic printed Gingham swimsuit with white shorts on the beach. For streets, pair it with flared white pants and heel sandals for a sleek look! Tip: Retro silhouettes are never old. Don’t forget to wear sunglasses and a hat!

7. Floral and Gingham Summer Dresses

In printed summer dresses I prefer floral or Gingham printed Summer dresses. Floral printed dresses are so matched with Sring time while Gingham dresses are classic. Style a fashionable simple monochromatic or maximum three-color (In the printing) dress with an Espadrilles or a low-heel sandal.

8. White Dresses

Just like a white top, tees, tanks, button-down shirts, and white cotton, linen dresses are a must for Summertime and an essential for the French or Parisian Summer Wardrobe. Elegant white dresses can be worn in the summer evening time also. Broderie Anglaise’s thread works look splendid on a white cotton dress and are perfect for daytime. Pair your white dress with Strappy Espadrille or with a strappy low-heeled sandal.

9. Slip Dresses

Slip dresses are perfect for the evening time when you wanna look alluring. It can be worn with sandals, ballerinas, or espadrilles. It looks very feminine. A plain beige to White slip dress will also go for daytime like a lunch date. You need to know just proper styling and keep things minimal. Black, Red, and dark green, colors are best for the nighttime. Tip: You also can use a belt and pair it with a boot or medium strappy heel to elevate your look.

10. Coordinates

The coordinates are back! Think of a Tweed Jacket and skirt, how classy that looks. Then there are jumpsuits. Weel, jumpsuits, and the coordinates are different techniques but they look almost the same, right? There are many options except Tweed. You can style a Striped woolen top and skirt with a high boot. Even though there are multiple colors Coords gives a mono look differently. Match your boot with your outfit if your outfit has more than two colors. If not (If monochromatic) you can add a flash of color with your shoe. For example, A white tee with white flared pants will stand out if you pair it with red boots.

11. Short and Midi Skirts

A Tweed short skirt is a staple for a Summer Chic French fashion. You can style it with an oversize white button-down shirt and with a pair of boots or with any masculine top. Now, don’t forget midi skirts which are up to calf length. They are sophisticated, very feminine, and vintage-looking. It adds maturity to the outlook. So yes, it can dress you up or down depending rest of the outlook. Tip: Silk midi skirts are romantic and can be worn at evening events with a silk camisole and a pair of Ballerina or Heel. It looks as alluring and elegant as a silk slip dress.

12. Shorts

In shorts, Ladies’ Bermudas shorts are a must for the summertime. Don’t buy skinny shorts or Hot Pants! Parisian ladies love a look in between feminine and masculine and Denim Bermuda shorts look so cool and smart in my opinion. Wear it with a White tank tee and style it with a Straw hat and Ballerina or Espadrille of your choice. A white sneaker is a good choice here. Though I don’t prefer sneakers too much because they are very common. But a clean white pair of classic sneakers will look good with a denim Bermuda.

13. Trousers and Cotton Pants

White trousers are another staples for the Parisian Summer wardrobe. As trousers cover the full leg they are also perfect for Springtime. As well as Pure cotton pants are also timeless. Flared Cotton jeans are also very fashionable. You can pair all of them with a light sweater, cardigans, blouses, or a tank tee. If you don’t have one, buy a pair of linen white pants first. Because it can be styled any way, anyhow, anywhere, for anytime day or night. For eg, wear a white linen blazer with a white heel to heighten your monochromatic look. Add a pair of red boots for the evening time meetings.

14. Light Warmer

A Cashmere sweater or a Light Cardigan is good for Spring, and mildly cold weather. You can pair these with trousers or jeans. For the evening time, wear a Cashmere sweater or knitted cardigan with a Black silk pencil midi skirt with boots. Tip: When you’re wearing a warmer in Spring or the mild cold you can wear the crop ones, which will look super chic.

15. Linen Blazers

Summer or Winter Frenches or particularly Parisians love to wear a tailored sleek blazer top of almost anything. If you think Summer is not for Blazers, you are wrong. Linen light color blazers are perfect for summertime. You can wear them at the office also. Blazers add an instant boost to an outfit. Style beige, white, sky blue, or powder pink breathable material blazer with Trousers, Cotton pants, and even Cotton Bermudas for a casual smart look!

16. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are my favorite go-to shoes. They are chic, have class, and go with almost any outfit. It’s not too casual like a sneaker or a flat. It just simply elevates your look. If you roam Paris streets you can’t miss it. Having a white, strappy Espadrille is a must for a Parisian Capsule wardrobe. Simply pair your Espadrille with midi skirts, Flared jeans, Bermudas, or any Summer dress and instantly look chic. Tip: Find a Strappy and pointy Espadrille for a more Chic look.

17. Low Heeled Ballerinas

Ballerinas are essential for a French wardrobe. I don’t like flats too much, but if that is Ballerina then it’s perfectly okay. Keep yourself at least one pair of Black ballerinas with little details like a bow. For the daytime or when you have to walk wear ballerinas. Ballerinas are classic, chic, retro but timeless pairs.

18. Strappy Sandal

There is only another type of shoe you need for the whole summer which is a stylish heel sandal. For evening events when you wanna look your best and elegant pair your slip silk white or black dress with a black or Red heel! Tip: When it comes to heels I believe more than 4-inches heel does not look very elegant. So please, collect low heels from 1 inch to 3 inches for your shoe collection.

19. Basket or Straw or Wicker Bag

These are the same type of bags perfect for casual outings, holidays, and summer. This is the must-have bag. Keep at least one Straw or Wicker or Basket bag in your wardrobe for every casual occasion. These are available in long or short stripes or with just handle-like clutches.

20. Accessories and Details


Have some silk Scarfs in your wardrobe. You can tie them to your neck or prepare your hair with Silk Scarfs. They are very feminine and look sleek. You can use silk Scrunchies instead of a silk scarf. Whatever you do with your hair please maintain an undone look. Remember always to keep it minimal.


Besides a Basket bag, have some formal, classic Bags I mentioned here. Also, you may keep a Tote bag for extra space. When you’re traveling the city you need to keep all the things you need for the day. Keep it casual to classy accordingly.


In jewelry small gold, pearls and diamonds are timeless. You can wear multiple necklaces but keep up to three. Same for finger ring. Don’t wear more than two. And don’t wear very chunky pieces of jewelry. Keep them simple.


For sun or for style a sunglass is a must. Cat-eye sunglasses are defiantly stylish. But nowadays there are different shapes of sunglasses you may try, Never buy the common shapes. Straw Hat is also something you may consider. Though nowadays Parisian don’t wear them a lot it’s kind of a Retro fashion and defiantly go for beaches.

Tip: Last but not the least, never use cheap Materials and always pay attention to every small detail. Parisians look like a little “undone look” but they take time to prepare themselves like that.

  That's all for today! I hope you liked it (❁´◡`❁)  

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