What is Parisian Style?

Parisian women have a certain je-ne-sais-quoi of Fashion. The style of Parisians is a mixture of Effortless, Simpleness, Classics, Chic, aesthetic, and Elegance. Parisian women and men both have unique Fashion authorities for ages. They look elegant, classic, chic all the time. Here in this post I’ll not talk about their Summer-Winter fashion particularly but rather how can you look like a Parisian effortlessly and stand out from the crowd, after you build a Parisian Capsule Wardrobe. Here is the complete list of tops, bottoms, layers, which coats you need, what type of seasonal wear you need, some bags, shoe recommendations (I love!), and accessories you need to look like a Parisian.

What is the Difference between French and Parisian Fashion?

First of all, Why you need to look more Parisian rather than French? Because Parisian fashion is narrower and expressed more simplistically, than French fashion. In simple words, it becomes more refined when it comes to Parisian Fashion. In Paris, you will notice men and women in tailored, sleek, high-quality pieces looking effortlessly stunning in mostly neutral colors. When we look at the outside of the capital, the fashion gets mixed and broader. In another word, the Parisian style is a little bit more sophisticated. Still, if you wanna look Chic in the French style, it’s HERE!

The Ultimate Guide to Look Parisian Chic

Please see the complete list of a Parisian wardrobe I have mentioned before because I’ll not talk about what kind of clothes you need but all the basic things you must need to know to style like a Parisian. Without wasting your time let’s look at your Ultimate simple guide for Dressing like a Parisian

1. Go “Au Naturel”

It does not mean going untidy. Parisian style is about looking natural, undone, little messy with little grooming. You need to look in between. That means an almost effortless look with a little touch-up. You need to do this in every step. If you’re doing your hair don’t to properly, if you’re doing your makeup never do it perfectly and whole. When I say natural that means top to bottom natural not to look classic, just before it.

Natural Shades

If you’re a tourist in Paris or you just wanna look like a Parisian always go with natural hues. Clothes, shoes, bags, accessories everything. So am I saying you can’t choose any other color except Black and browns? Yes, you can. Red and Blue shades, you can choose. Burgundy, navy blue, sky blue, Turquoise you can choose almost all shades of pure blue and red. But what about other colors? You may choose dark green or another unnatural color as an accent. But it’s better to not use light shades of green, light orange, or any neon, pop colors. It will tone you down to a French look rather than a Parisian look even you use it as an accent color. To look Parisian your overall outfit needs to be natural-looking with a flash of red or blue.

Natural Makeup

When I’m talking about looking natural, makeup plays a huge role, or shall I say no role? Parisians love skincare rather than doing their makeup. Try to look very subtle. Use a primer with skincare gifts. You also need to remember that most women don’t use foundation at all because they all love imperfections. Most Parisian women just go with a concealer. Alter thing you can do is after your basic skincare routine applies a tinted moisturizer. It is never over when it comes to moisturizing. And then you can apply concealer if you want.

So as we build the base you’re thinking about what makeup you need. Believe me, you can rock the Parisian look with Red lipstick and mascara and NOTHING MORE! Skip the eye if you want a casual, daily, day French or Parisian look. Just apply mascara for longer natural-looking lashes. Then come to your lip. Don’t use a lip liner. Parisian ladies love the imperfect look. You don’t even have to apply it very carefully, you may use your finger for the best result. Now dab that leftover color from your finger-tip to your chic. Again no need to be picture-perfect. Just need to look like when we blush, we blush unequally.


Again when it comes to hair or anything else, two things remained constant – Less is More and Look natural. Never do some unrealistic curve or super straight hair. If your hair is naturally straight or it’s from a salon that’s also okay. But if you straighten curly hair at home, it may look unnatural. Same with if you have straight hair don’t make unnatural curves. You may add little waves though. I see ladies do mistakes when they make some curls, they do so perfectly which is unnatural, like an 80s hairstyle. DON’T DO THAT. Until you’re looking natural and a little undone it’s okay. Even a French bun does not have to be neat-perfect like a regular bun right? It’s super stylish.

You may sleep with wet (towel dried) hair with two messy buns twisted opposite sides. It will create a super cute, natural look in the morning, plus the point is your hair will remain undamaged.

You may do some hair highlights but defiantly matched your hair color. Parisian or French they always, all the time prefer a natural look. So embrace your natural hair with natural highlights matching your hair color in similar shades.

2. The Look

Yes I know I already talked about an all-natural look. But in what direction? Sporty? Grungy not)? Tomboy look? Classic or Chic? *Whatever your look is it remains Natural*, but what kind of look do you need for a Parisian style?

Classic-Chic Style

Okay, all the attires you have are classic outfits, or almost classic. So why look chic? Well, as I said they always want to look a little bit undone. Mess is absent from classics. If you wanna look Parisian try to look a little casual and chic with your classic outfits. How? If you are wearing a long coat you may unbutton it. If you’re wearing a shirt you can do the same thing for the first two buttons. Additionally, you can use a silk scarf that will dress down. Undone hair and makeup also help to look casual.

Wear sophisticated coats over your jeans. That’s an in-between look, right? Next, you also can do is wear a cashmere or woolen sweater (not a long coat) over tailored fittings trousers. Wear a trench coat over your shorts with a boot and a muffler. Now you can do the same thing with dresses. If your dress is classic tone it down with a casual cute looking ballet. If your dress is a little casual you can tone it up with very classic-looking riding boots or heels.

Feminine-Musculine Style

Do Parisian ladies look like a barbie doll or do they look like a girly cake? No. But then do they suit up to look like a man? You’re thinking no, they look flirty so defiantly, NO! Well, Parisian Style is the perfect balance of masculine and feminine look. Yves Saint Laurent who was a famous designer introduced masculine tailoring, in 1966 by creating women’s tuxedo suits. This was an extreme event for the Fashion world. Now, Parisian love this style.

Parisian ladies don’t like to look girly immature look. They also don’t go a 100% masculine look. You can wear a tailored suit but with a little feminity in it. They look extremely smart and sleek with a white silk shirt above tailored pants with heels. You also can pair a blouse with that. Just to remember mix both. Again if you are wearing a casual sleek dress you may layer it with a long Trench or short leather coat and pair it with oxford shoes. It is just so crispy.

3. Pay Attention

Pay attention to these details I’m gonna talk about. You are almost done. But your look will be ruined if you don’t pay attention to these small details.

Best Quality

Buy everything in the best quality you can. I know it’s difficult for some. But if you wanna look like a Parisian it’s not possible to alter that look with cheap good clothes because Parisian must pay attention to quality including brands. Find pieces that are fashionable still classic. That’s the Street style of Paris. Check if the fabric of your garment is natural like silk, linen, cotton, wool, cashmere not man-made.


Zara, H&M, or Mango don’t buy clothes for your Parisian Wardrobe like these fast fashion brands. If you are paying more you expect the optimum quality of the product which you can keep for a lifetime.

Look Flirty, not Sexy!

No, no dear, Parisians do look sophisticated all the time. And that does not mean exposing a lot of skin. Never be afraid to wear something flirty. But don’t expose too much. Find the balance. If you wanna expose your whole long beautiful leg, make it one, not two of your legs! What I meant that wear one high-slit dress (up to upper thigh). If you are wearing a bodycon dress wear up to the knee where the dress just covers your knee. Believe me, it looks more flirty than you are thinking. If you are a petite girl like me, wear a dress that ends just above the knee. Because anyhow, your leg should look longer.

Don’t wear tight-fitting clothes. Instead wear clothes which are slim, well fitted. Just think before you can eat well without worrying, that means you can wear it.


You can always cut the risk by buying solid color clothes. But is that possible? But still, if you’re adding some fashionable prints like leopard, Gingham, or classic prints like stripes and Houndstooth, please add it not more than 50% of your attire. Especially prints like a leopard it’s better to add one-third of your attire.


I’m not talking about keeping natural, blue, red here. What I am talking about is to match. Don’t wear contrasting colors like Blue top with Red trousers. Never. If you are adding blue and red, keep another color light like white. Check twice if your shoe is matching with your outfit or not. Its color its style everything needs to match.


Wear some smart pieces of accessories. Not overdone it. Add pearls to your ear or neck. You may wear a thin golden chain also or multiple (2/3)! Keep a Red lipstick, Moisturizer, cologne. Wear a luxury watch to uplift your look and for more grab a luxury bag.

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