We will build a Parisian Capsule Wardrobe. Why? Because Parisian Fashion is more refined than French. When you will go outside of the capital you can see the mixing of fashion styles. So I can say Not every French look is Parisian, but every Parisian look is French!

Let’s Build Parisian Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is supposed to be minimal. Minimal is not the minimum. Minimal things can change accordingly need. Who works from home does not need 3 pieces of formal shirts but who is working in a corporate office may need 6 pieces of formal shirts. So it depends. Understand your requirements. I’ll talk about all the necessary pieces here, but the best advice I can give you is that, please, please buy 2 sets at first. Yes, only two sets. Then wear those for a whole week. It’s best to feel yourself within those clothes. There is no meaning in following trends if you don’t feel it.

After building your Wardrobe, Here is how you nail the Parisian Style.

1. Tops


Buy Beige, Brown, Black, White, four t-shirts. Collect 3-5 (colors) tees in medium sleeves, 2 in sleeveless tee (Tank tee), and 2-3 in full sleeve. So here we’re buying 7-10 basic tees.

  • Neutral tops are so versatile. Beige will go with darker bottoms and Deep Brown will go with lighter bottoms.
  • Besides these colors, you may buy one in grey color.
  • Remember NOT to buy cheap Tees. Tees are way too casual in my opinion and it’s better to wear them within your room. But also, there are stylish tees nowadays which look like a top or in the middle between a top and a tee.
  • Don’t forget, when you will show your long whole leg, you may wanna cover your upper body with a long sleeve top or in colder months.
  • Choose tops that are casual to well-fitted. Keep in mind that you may choose a masculine top but it always needs to have a feminine accent.

Stylish Blouses

Now that we filled our wardrobe with basics, it’s time to fill it with chic and sexy pieces. Choose Sleeveless to fashionable high-quality silk, linen blouses in primary colors like Red and Blue. Here we are buying 5 pieces on average.

  • Even I am saying buy any color, not just buy any color. Parisian like to stay within which is everybody’s favorite. And that again narrow your choice down to neutrals, blues, reds. But that’s okay. Burgundy to coral, sky to navy you have a wide range of choices.
  • You can go for up to two color mixing when choosing a printed blouse.
  • Again, remember to buy pieces with at least a little femininity in them. Either way, it should look flirty even a Tom Boy is hiding behind!


Buy shirts in white color. Buy a minimum of two shirts in light beige and white in different styles.

  • When choosing a shirt, Sleeveless or full sleeve, satin shirts are always classy. You may buy pure cotton, linen pieces.
  • A white color stylish shirt never goes out of fashion.


You can have any chic, sophisticated dresses in Paris. But Parisian must-have is a Black dress for every occasion.

  • When buying a black dress keep the quality in mind.
  • It should not be always little black dress. a Knee length dress is perfect. If you are tall you can easily choose a dress which ends just below your knee. If you’re petite like me, choose which ends before your knee.
  • For longer dress it’s better to be one sided cut to show of your one leg.
  • Remeber not to reveal skin too much it need to be in between.
  • Fittings should be proper, not regular, not too tight.

2. Bottoms

Quality Trousers

Invest in high-quality pencil trousers in Black, Beige, and White. Three well-fitted trousers are satisfactory for a capsule Parisian Wardrobe.

  • Tailor your Trousers.
  • Check chains and bottuns. You can always identify a cheap quality by looking at buttons and linnings.


Trousers look more classic and elegant than jeans. Though there is no problem with good, polished jeans. You may buy any neutral to red, burgundy color jeans. You may choose bootcut, crop jeans, skinny or boyfriend jeans.

  • Green, Yellow, Purple hues may not be very appropriate for a refined Parisian look.
  • Pair your boyfriend jeans with a feminine top.
  • When you’re wearing a full jeans don’t be afraid to show off your shoulder area with a sleeveless silk blouse.

Skirt and Shorts

A few pairs of shorts and short skirts are good ideas for a chic French look.

  • When buying skirts don’t go for micromini skirts.
  • For shorts try to buy different styled shorts. Don’t just buy a regular skinny fitted shorts. Those even don’t look cool.
  • Buy Wrapping Style (Bow style at front really look cute), Boyfriend (casual street look), Chino (smart sophisticated look), Front-pleated (chic look) shorts.
  • If you’re buying one piece, buy white-beige color shorts first. For skirt you may buy black.
  • For skirt buy one Tweed Short Skirt in check pattern. They look very classic and chic.

3. Layers

Classic Tailored Suits

There is no Parisian gentleman or lady who does not have at least two quality pieces of suits. Tailored one in a light color and another one in a dark color like black.

  • Your suit needs to be of the best quality. Check every inning before ordering, choose high-quality buttons. You know if the cloth is cheap or not anyone can tell by looking at the button.
  • H&M, Mango-like brands also use cheap plastic buttons. That is why you need to tailor a suit bot buy. Because everybody has a different shape. You may look good in other casual western dresses, but suits need to be measured correctly.
  • And also remember French or Parisian, they don’t like to wear very tight fitted suits. Your coat needs to softly define your upper body.

Boyfriend Blazer

This one looks cool. Buy camel shades, grey-shaded, checked pattern boyfriend blazer.

  • Boyfriend blazer is a loose fitted blazer.
  • You always can add this blazer on the top of your casual tees to look little bit polished.
  • Pair it with a nice pair of fitted jeans.

Trench Coat

Trench coats are famous in Paris for their cloudy weather. A neutral trench coat with a waistband can go with any pair of trousers. When it comes to Trench coats it’s better to buy only in neutral tones. Especially if you’re building your new French Wardrobe.

  • You may tie it to show off your waist or keep open in front.
  • Buy in Camel, Grey – Black shades.
  • You also can pair a trench coat above a simple dresses and skirts.


Invest in one good leather jacket first. Then you can buy one or two more later.

  • I’ll say go for go for a Brown leather jacket instead of black.
  • There are also Red leather jacket. If you are brave enough and style it like a Parisian, then you may buy it. But camel shades are best and evergreen for leather.
  • Buy a Tweed Jacket, They are perfect for Spring and Fall time. Buy in Black and white dominating color in classic patterns.

Seasonal Coats

Now invest in some good quality winter Coats. They are pricy, so always consider versatility and quality before buying. In Paris, 3 months are very cold. At least two fashionable winter coats you need, besides the regular sweaters.

  • Why do I need coat instead of sweter? Well.. It look more elegant, and perfect for nights, where can’t appear with a sweater on.
  • Buy fitted coats. You may buy loose coats. But fitted coats with belts do look more sleek.
  • Loose coats also look stylish and modern. Just differentiate your day and night look.
  • Remember short coats (which ends just below of your hip) does not go with evening occassions. While longer coats (upto calf end) looks more elegant.
  • You can use Chunky long Cardigans, Trench (for light cold beacuse they are light and comfortable), Casmere, wool or any thick, long, double breasted coats for heavy winter nights 🥶


Invest in good quality Cashmere sweaters and Mufflers. Buy at least two of them in different shapes and neutral colors.

  • I want you to buy in camel shades to white because it will go with every piece.
  • Cashmere pieces are pricy. Think about versility before buying.

4. Shoes

Summer Shoes

I’ll talk about flirty to casual all kinds of shoes. But what I think is that you need perfect three pairs of shoes to build a perfect Parisian Capsule Wardrobe for casual comfort days, flirty looks, elegant nights.

  • Ballerina Shoes. These shoes add a lot of femininity. I personally love it becasue I not a huge fan of flats. Though there are some styish flats.
  • Espadrilles. Stylish Espandrills which are not too much cover up looks good with dresses, akirts, shorts. You may choose with long thick laces. Those adds a feminity in it. Also, you can roam whole day in this shoe.
  • Flats. Flats or sandals are not very ideal for a long walk. But they look good. Litlle strppy (Definately not much) with little embellishments looks really good for casual hangouts. Also, I don’t prefer slide sandals.
  • Mules. Now if you really love to have one slide shoe, I prefer to have a pair of Mule. Close toe Mules ofcourse becasue open toe mules look like cheap water shoe. You also can buy an semi elegnant looking Loafer.
  • Heels. For night occassions you need to wear heels with long dresses to elavate your look. Don’t buy any heel more than 3.5 inches. You can buy maximum 4 inches of heel. More than that, does not look very sophisticated in my opinion. Also consider a Red heel later, with a black one.
  • White Sneaker. If you really want to have a sneaker buy a white, classic sneaker for mild days.

Winter Shoes

I will talk about various shoes but as I told you before that you don’t need them all. Two pairs are perfect for the whole winter one for day and casual purposes and another one for more cold or night times.

  • Overknee Boots. Buy one with wedge, low heels. Don’t go for shiny materials and pencil heels. Those look very cheap and not elegant at all.
  • Riding Boots. You may buy this without heels, looks very sphisticated and buy which ends below your knee.
  • Rain boots. Paris is about sudden rain which does not last for long. But if you wanna be secure and don’t have a car you may consider buying one.
  • Jodhpur or Chelesa Boots. These are really good for everyday, for day and night casual outfit. Will not work in very cold. But these are very comfortable and you can roam the city whole day while look chic.

Work Shoes

Here are some stylish work shoes. But it always depends on your workplace, how formal it is. If it is not a very formal environment you always can wear daily shoes like Ballerina. But still, I prefer to have at least one Work shoe.

  • Oxford Shoe. For men, oxford shoes may be boring, but for ladies there are any stylish Oxford shoes. Buy with 1-2 inch heel. These are ultimate classic, formal, stylish shoe.
  • Derby Shoe. These are not just classic but little bit casual than an oxford shoes.

5. Accessories

Silk Scarf

Buy a high-quality silk scarf if you want. I don’t think this is a necessity. But you can tie a thin scarf if you want.


Again don’t even look at casual watches. Buy a or two good, glamourous watches. You can buy one with a big stylish dial within the metal belt whereas another one with a small dial in leather belt.

  • Lovely Square Diamond Bracelet Watch, in rose gold color is perfect for evening.


You need multiple bags for multiple purposes. Building a capsule wardrobe can be a hard decision when it comes to bags.

  • Formal: Buy two formal looking bags in brown and black shade if your office enviornment is very professional. Shoulder bags are easy to carry while handbags look more formal. You can buy a long adjustable strap laptop bag. Look at your necessity. And buy accordingly. If you need to carry a laptop everyday, and it’s a must. Then you can also buy two laptop bags in black and brown with different style. Messenger bags also look formal. You also can carry a leather skin briefcase, looks ultimate classic. For doctors, there are Doctor Bag too!
  • Casual: There are a lot of option in Casual bags. Tote (by Alaia) is good if you wanna carry a lot of stuff, or you’re carrying you baby’s items. Crossboy Bags are good for whole day casual outings when you don’t have to carry a lot of items. Stylish leather Fanny Packs always go with jeans and shorts, when you rarely wanna carry anything. Constance bags (by Hermes) look very classic and casual at the same time and definately gives a Parisian vibe. Also there is Peekaboo bags looks chic. There also a lot of options but these are the most used bags.
  • Party: Now for parties, you neither wanna carry formal nor casual bags like crossboy. Collect a Kelle Pochette (by Hermes) clutch. They look so elegnant and definately go for evening events. You can have a DeMellier Maxi Florence Satin Clutch which also looks elgnant with satin finish. There are another option Khaite Aimee Clutch, also looks very polished, classic and sophisticated. If you love disco and crystals you may love a Rosantica Iside Crystal-Embellished Clutch.


Here are some beautifully, tiny pieces of jewelry that go with everything and look so exquisite. Remember to buy small pieces not chunky.

  • Gold Necklaces: Have a single chain and Layered chains Necklaces.
  • Pearls: Have everything in small and big white pearls.
  • Pendant: Collect Medallion, Heart shape, or any little cute shape pendants. You also can have one with pearl.
  • Gold Ring: Have some thin rings.


French girl does not wear heavy makeup. And also this section does not come in Parisian Capsule Wardrobe but still for completion I’m writing it. If you don’t have any make-up products, just buy an eye pencil, eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick. Don’t worry about imperfections. It’s about filling your cupboard/drawer with skincare products rather than makeup.

  That's all for today! I hope you liked it (❁´◡`❁)  

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