Before this I want you to check out The Geisha Skincare Routine and then try to find out what things you can learn from that.

Skincare We Learn From the Geisha

If you have read About Geishas, You would know There is no age limit for this job. You can do as long as you want. Geishas just need to be unmarried. The rule is because of the job, married life can be hampered by the job or it can hamper the job. The moral of Geishas is to marry the arts, not a human. Geishas maintained their skin, and hair for sure. Otherwise, it’s not possible to perform at old age. Under that heavy makeup, they were still beauty icons, Here is some point I have noticed when studying Geisha skincare.

1. Make it Happen

We are very busy so most of us who are not aware skip our skincare. Especially men. Just like we eat food, and drink water so that we can stay healthy we need to take care of our skin. For most of us, skin is something without any value. But the thing is Skin is the largest organ covering every inner organ, including muscles. It’s a protector. And WE NEED TO PROTECT IT. Geishas tough us, even if you come home at 3 am after work, you need to remove your makeup with Double Cleansing, and then You also need to take care of your skin by applying Moisturizer or Sheet Mask or something. Skin is important, and we will NOT skip it like breakfast!

2. Aesthetic Care

It’s not all about applying all the things to the face, but how you do it. Geisha Skincare thought us to pamper your skin. I take it, being gentle to it like it’s your baby. Enjoy it so that it won’t feel like a burden. When you will think you have some duty after coming home, you may skip it someday because that’s what we do in our duties. But if you think you will get a spa treatment within 10-15 minutes will you reject it? No, because you will enjoy it, it won’t feel like a burden anymore! The right way of skincare and feeling it helps you to fall asleep more quickly than without it.

When washing your face massage it for 1-2 minutes with an oil (If you don’t break out, Otherwise check out My Favorite Oil Cleansers). When washing massage downwards. Many have misconceptions about downward massage. It’s not bad, downward massage does not lose the skin, it helps to remove the stress. After completing cleansing the face, apply a sheet mask, put on a song, and relax. Just breathe in and out with some slow, reverb-happy music. Be careful, you may fall asleep! No problem with that though! If you’re awake, wake up before the sheet mask goes dry, and put on heavy moisturizer to maintain the hydration you have just provided. You may give an upward massage that will firm your skin. You may massage in circular motion this time. This will melt the cream on your skin. Or you can tap on your skin gently if you have exfoliated on that day. Because extra rubbing is no good!

3. Not Harmful Ingredients Taken from Nature, That Does Not Cost Much

The first point I have noticed is that usually what we throw they thought us to use those. Rice water, Flower water, Leftover Silk, soils. Then there are some ingredients which we need very little and available all the time at our home. We don’t need a lot of them, a little will do the work. For example sugar, salts, milk, etc. My point is not to use natural things you can get in front of you. For example, using lemon directly on your face is bad because it is highly acidic and harmful to the skin. And once using fruits on my face became a nightmare. Since then, I don’t use natural things anymore.

But my point is not every natural thing is acidic, some are watery, and the pH level is near to natural skin pH level. The natural pH of the skin is near 5. So anything used with low pH is good for the skin. Milk is of pH 6.5, which will work as a mild exfoliator. But lemon pH is near pH 2.5. That is almost 3 less than our natural skin pH and is harmful. Same for baking soda. It has high pH of more than 8. So the safe zone is 4-6, if your skin can tolerate you may go a little farther like 3-7. But never more than that.

4. Staple Items Only!

If you see the Geisha Skincare Routine you can see it’s a six-step skincare routine. Cleansing, Double cleansing was very important because of the makeup. The next step was Exfoliation because of smooth skin. Removing dead skin cells twice a week makes your skin glowy and it’s an important step. Right exfoliation brings a huge difference to the skin. Then it’s time for deep hydration. I told you before that proper hydration solves 50% of skin problems like fine lines, dullness, dryness, and plumping of the skin helps to glow the skin. And then locking it with a thick moisturizer like shea butter. Of course, natural butter was a moisturizer at that time. And in the daytime applying a Sunscreen.

5. Providing is NOT ENOUGH When You Can’t PROTECT!

As I said before, make it happen, because skincare is not a luxury it’s a necessity. About 90 percent of nonmelanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer by the age of 70. More than 2 people die of skin cancer in the U.S. every hour (Data from HERE). Sunscreen does not even come within skincare for me. An infant does not need a face wash or a cream instantly but needs sunscreen. Our environment is getting worse day by day. Rays are coming through the thin layer of Ozon now more than ever. Except for skin cancer, 90% of Skin aging happens because of Sun exposure. Please be aware and put an adequate amount of Sunscreen, I’m requesting to you. I can’t brag about the importance of Sunscreen enough!

I have collected some secrets of Geisha Skincare, Check them HERE.

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