We all know French, more specifically Paris is the staple city when it comes to following a city for its Fashion style. We people, “I,” being influenced by Parisians, taking ideas what does Stylish, Timeless but fashion-forward means. Parisian ladies are the perfect combination of Done and Undone, Masculine and Feminine, Classic and Chic, Timeless and Fashion Forward look!

Wardrobe Needs These to Style Like a Parisian Men

Though, when it comes to neatness, done look, Parisian men are in front of it. Their style, accurate fit, flawless hair, beard, and mustache, highlighting silhouettes which I have no idea how much or less time they spend on that perfect Classy plus Crunchy look. But within all of this perfectness, there is something “I don’t care how I look” or “I’m effortless handsome or beautiful” thing that remains the same for ladies or gentlemen. Today, I will list all the necessary items you need dear gentleman, to look like a Parisian. I will also give little style tips in the way. Start scrolling!

1. Cotton Tees

Just like the ladies of Paris, France, Men also have at least one white round neck, classic crew neck tee. Yes, men are also fond of crew neck tees. Please, buy only in neutral colors. You can wear a knitted pullover over your casual cotton tee if the weather permits it. Otherwise wearing a linen blazer with matching tailored pants will give a semi-casual chic look (see in the picture).

2. Linen Shirts

Collect some linen shirts and pair them with Chinos or Denims from AMI or COS. Light colors and navy shirts are very popular among French men. For a casual daytime outing, linen shirts are one of the best. Full sleeve linen shirts look very sophisticated on men and half-sleeve linen shirts give a playful look to the whole outfit. Choose accordingly. Make sure your pant is matching with your shirt. For example, You can pair a light brown chino with an off-white or beige linen shirt.

3. Patterned Shirt

This thing is becoming popular for Spring or Autumn fashion. This is rare, very casual, and easy to ruin the French look if you don’t style it properly. So don’t go for crazy printings. Make sure your shirt still has a base neutral color and printings are artistic, minimal, and have a little bit of class in them. Now when you are styling them, please keep the rest of the things pretty classic. Like you may ut a black blazer on the top of your shirt and pair it with matching pants and a Moccasin.

4. Oxford Shirt

Oxford shirts have a button-down collar which prevents the collar from fluttering. Have some pure cotton Oxford shirts in Black, Grey, Blue shades. You can wear them at weddings, at formal events, and in the office. They give a pure classic look to men. Pair them with Chios, if you wanna avoid suit for the day. Otherwise, a man looks his best classic with an Oxford shirt underneath a tailored suit. Pair them with dress shoes. Tips: Oxford Shirts can also be worn as casual attire with chino shorts! Pair them with Espadrilles, or Moccasin.

5. Linen Tailored Blazers

Linen Tailored blazers are perfect for Spring-Summer fashion when you wanna dress up a little bit. Wear simple tees underneath and layer with a light and neutral color blazer to roam the city or for an afternoon picnic. When you are buying make sure the material is light, soft, tailored fit, and 100% linen. Also, check the fitting is relaxed-fit. Parisians do dress like artsy. Tips: You can pair your linen blazer with pleated trousers for a breezy walk or more casual approach pair it with cotton shorts or jeans.

6. Tailored Black Suit

It’s never too much when it comes to all black. A black shirt with a tailored sleek classic black suit with a watch and brown shoe, or Over a white shirt, can never go wrong. As Parisians are obsessed with White and Black. The look is sartorial elegance! Tips: You may wear a black rollneck underneath your suit! And don’t forget when I say Black, I meant the same for Navy too 😉

7. Cotton Trousers

Cotton trousers are one of my favorite, (Not gen, I’m a girl 😅) because they are lightweight and comfortable to wear all day, best for Spring-Summer fashion, easy low-cost purchase, most importantly they give a classic look! Pair your cotton trousers with tees, linen shirts depending on how you want. If you are styling it with a tee, layer up with a matching linen blazer. It’s my favorite playful look!

8. Vintage Denim

Parisian men like to style things in between too, just like Parisian ladies. But in what? It’s in between luxury and vintage old products. It applies to everything but especially jeans. Because we all know one pair of jeans can run one decade if you are a keeper! If you are traveling to Paris, you will notice the rustic simple vintage pair of classic, common color jeans like denim-blue, indigo, navy blue, greyish-blue. Tips: Pair it with a leather black jacket for a rugged look, pair it with a denim jacket for a denim mono look, pair it with a wool blend long coat for a sophisticated retro look! It’s up to you how casual you wanna style.

9. Chinos

Chinos are those pant that gives a look in between formal and casual. Tips: 1. For a casual look, style it with a neutral tee and avoid dress shoes, and go for more casual shoes like sneakers. 2. For a smart chic look wear it with a contrasting shirt. For example, pair your light brown chino with a sky blue shirt and pair it with a Moccasin (My favorite). You can go for a matching duo chromatic look also, for example, an Aegean chino with a Slate color shirt. 3. To dress up at your best, wear a blazer on top of it, and tie a tie, and pair it with any of your dress shoes.

10. Black Leather Jacket

Here is where Parisians refined the American look and probably the most casual semi-rock look of Parisian men. When I said semi-rock look, I meant it. Even they wear black leather jackets they are clean-looking, quality jackets. Check the first picture for an idea. It’s okay to have little details like multiple chains (Not a lot!), stylish collars, buttons, hooded collars. If you love sneakers, this is the time when you pair your sneaker. Style it with a vintage black or blue denim for a rugged look. Tips: If you’re buying one, make sure silhouettes like shoulder, edges are sharp in that garment.

11. Chesterfield Coat

Chesterfield Coats is one of the staple items owned by every French man for a Fall-Winter wardrobe. It can boost your look quickly. Chesterfield coat is a formal, knee-length coat. If you’re buying one, black is a good choice, though you can choose any darker neutral color. Some Chesterfield coat has velvet collar as an extra detail. Tips: As layering is something French men always do, you can layer this coat above on your suit.

12. Cashmere Warmers

Cashmere knitted warmers for the Spring and Fall time are essential items. In addition, they are the finest, pricy wool, which is very soft, lightweight, and durable. When I aid warmers it can be anything, cardigans for ladies, coats, pullovers for both males and females. You can style it in many ways. Layer your Cashmere sweater above on your button-down shirt and pair it with a Chelsa boot and a Chino for a sophisticated winter look. You can also wear it on the top of a tee with jeans and sneakers for a casual Fall-Spring look.

13. Wool Blend Coat

A toffee color Wool blends lavish long coat. That’s all you need to look like an elegant man. Tips: Wear it above on a Black sleek Cashmere pullover, pair it with a Chelsa boot, and leather gloves for the tough winter months. And wear it above on a Black crew neck tee and a sneaker to dress down for a mild cold. You can wear any neutral color sweater, pullover, tee inside of your long coat, but Black gives the ultimate elegant look with a long wool-blend coat.

14. Trench Coat

You can style a Trench coat the same way I told you to style a Wool blend long coat. The difference is a Trench coat is for lesser cold compared to a wool coat. Buy it in a camel shade or a little uncommon in light beige or cream color. Even though these are very very common colors, still these are timeless colors. So don’t be afraid of buying warmers in camel shades.

15. 100% Leather Dress Shoe

When it comes to shoes a good, really good pair of shoes is a necessity. A quality dress shoe can be worn with almost anything from semi-formal to formal. There are many options like Oxford, Derby, or Monk Straps shoes. Every type of shoe is a little bit different from each other. In Oxford shoes, lacings and heels are closed whereas in a Derby shoe they remain open and extended heel. Monk Straps shoes are also divided into two types, single and double buckle. In addition, they are low-heeled and less formal compared to Oxford shoes. Tips: When buying one, make sure it’s 100% pure leather on the upper body and the sole is made of rubber or Polyurethane. Also, check the sole and upper portion is stitched together, not attached with glue!

16. Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are smooth-looking leather boots for mild cold. These are lace-free boots. These can be styled with sleek tailored suits for a proper formal classic look in Winter. For a casual approach style it with chinos and more with jeans. Tips: Brown color Chelsea boots always look better than Black in my opinion. You can style them in black or blue suits. Blue suits with camel color Chelsea boot look classy chic.

17. Moccasin

Moccasins are comfortable and can be worn for a semi-formal to a casual look. These loafers are great for Spring, Fall, and Summertime. Also very versatile, you can wear them with suits, for a classic look, wear them with jeans and a tee for a casual-chic look, and wear it with chinos and a linen shirt for a semi-formal look. Leather moccasins are my all-time favorite.

18. Tablet and Laptop bag

Laptop bags are bigger than tablet bags and more versatile. But if your work can be completed with a tablet bag then why bother to carry a laptop bag right? These are the ultimate formal bags for men. Carry them while wearing a suit or just an Oxford shirt, formal pants, or Chinos with any dress shoe, it simply heightens your look five times.

19. Accessories

Classic Sunglasses for Summer or Spring days are necessary. Wear it with any outfit, because it’s not just about style and fashion but your eye!

You have probably imagined a perfectly styled French man with a Cashmere lavish wool blend long scarf with their long woolen coat. So yes, a fine quality woolen long scarf is very important when it comes to Parisian men’s style.

A Black and Brown leather belt and a watch, not to tell are essential and only accessories for men. When buying make sure your belt or purse is 100% leather not synthetic.

20. Pay Attention to These Details

As I discussed all the necessary items you need in your wardrobe to achieve the French look now you need to know a few things to nail their style.

Relaxed Fit

Does not matter it’s a tee, shirt, denim, jacket, Chinos, trousers, overcoat, sweaters, or anything they don’t like skinny fit even they avoid slim fit and always go with a relaxed fit. But when it comes to formal events, classic suits make two suits that fit your body properly. The relaxed fit is related to the Artsy style which Parisian loves. There can be several reasons for that, which I will discuss in the next like, a relaxed fit garment will give you a more natural, breezy elegant chic look than a well-fitted garment.

Keep it Natural

You now have all the splendid items you need. The last thing you will do is try to look perfectly flawless. Yes, I know I said before that their look is flawless but nothing can be perfect. At least real things are not perfect. And they maintain it just like Parisian ladies. For example, if you’re wearing a shirt keep the first button open, if you are layering it needs to look like you just have thrown all the pieces above each other. Keep one layer button closed other two open and messy.

Balance the Vintage and Luxury Items

The last thing Parisian try to do is show the show-off. If you don’t know what I meant, is they want to show off. But subtly. Like I did nothing I’m a born beauty. Like that, are you understanding? So how to do that? Yes, the first thing I told you was to keep your look natural. The next thing you will do is mix up your items. For example, wear Vintage denim with a quality linen shirt and an expensive watch. Wear a lavish suit with your regular Monk Dress shoe. Wear expensive jeans with a simple tee, and go on.

Designer items

It’s not possible, not to have expensive designer items in your closet if you are a Parisian. When I said designer it never means Puma, Addidas. Parisians pay deep attention to the design, to the material, not the expensive logos like Dior. Avoid big logos in any of your items.

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