Oceania region includes Australasia, Melanesia, Polynesia, and Micronesia. Oceanian culture is the arts of human activities and achievement from Oceania. In the present day, we can see Oceanian culture has been influenced by a Western culture very much because Europeans are immigrating here science the 17th Century. The major languages of Oceania are Indonesian, Filipino, and Hawaiian. Let’s know about a few traditional clothes of Oceanian countries.


Cork hat is a head-wear with corks hang from the brim. #UnrefinedBloom
Australian Cork hat

In Australia, there are native Australians called Aboriginal Australians who wear possum cloaks made from Possum skin. Those who are European Australians have seen in cork hats (Shown in the picture). A Cork-hat is made of corks (Basically used to close a bottle) that hang from the brim. Another dress for women is a long, wide, loose-fitting with long loose sleeves called the Mother Hubbard dress. It is a day dress.


Tapa cloth is made from trees' barks called barkcloth. #UnrefinedBloom
Tapa Cloth

On the Island of Melanesia, Fiji, the traditional cloth is Tapa cloth. A Tapa cloth is made of the bark of trees. In Papua New Guinea native people wear lap-lap on the waist and Horim in the male primary sexual organ.


Aloha shirt is worn in Hawaii, a buttoned, collared shirt. #UnrefinedBloom
Polynesian Aloha Shirt

In Polynesia, the Cook Islands, and French Polynesia people wear Pareo. A Pareo is a piece of fabric worn to form a wrapped skirt. This is women’s wear. Men use to wear Maro which is a loincloth. In Hawaii, men wear Aloha shirts which are shown in the above picture. These are colorful but monochromatic bases. These are buttoned and collared shirts. Women use to wear Muumuu which is a loose-fitting dress. These are dyed with Polynesian flower patterns.


Grass Skirt is a skirt worn by Federated States of Micronesian Females.
Micronesian Grass Skirt

Micronesian males wear Lap-Lap which is worn in the waist area just like Papua New Guinea people. Females wear Grass-Skirt (Shown in the picture) in Palau and Federated States of Micronesia.

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