Fashion changes, but style endures.

Coco Chanel

What is fashion?

In reality, Fashion is a really complex subject when it links to society and culture. It marks a limit of disciplines including psychology, anthology, art, and history.

What is Fashion?

Fashion is a trend or a set of trends depending on time periods and places which accepted by a larger population in a specific ambiance.

Fashion word had come from the Latin word Facere. Facere means โ€œto doโ€ or โ€œto makeโ€. When we say fashion we think of clothes, which are far from the Function of Clothing like protection from the weather, etc. But Fashion does not mean just clothes and costumes. I believe fashion is a lifestyle that encloses not only the style of dressing but human relation, identity, desire, hope, flavor, choice, and also wealth, and status. In the Oxford dictionary, Fashion is explained as a popular and latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, and behavior. According to the famous fashion expert, Valerie Steele- All forms of self-fashioning, including street styles, as well as so-called high fashions are also fashion.

Fashion has several points of view. Even somebody can say they dislike fashion and still be in trend. I think everyone cannot really understand this โ€œFashionโ€ word. Some may have a love for fashion but still have no knowledge about it. Without even following the fashion trends some may have a career in Fashion. For them, the fashion industry is the income source. For some, it is scope to express their signature style of design. Fashion media is the route to spread and influence Fashion. And Fashion lovers love how each season brings a new sense of trends, colors, styles. And I? Donโ€™t know yet, but Iโ€™m enjoying sharing thoughts and basic knowledge of Fashion.

Fashion is definitely not constant. As I told early it highly depends on the period. It changes under the influence. Fashion influencers need to change or adopt new styles for this continuous evolution in the fashion industry. You may get a clear idea of HOW FASHION CHANGES HERE

So, now we have an idea that what it is Fashion, but,

What is Style?

Fashion is a really complex subject when it links to society, culture
Menโ€™s Fashion, Style

In the above picture, this gentleman has a unique style to express himself. It may or may not be adopted by the larger society, does not matter, if he feels confident and beautiful or handsome, thatโ€™s his style!

What is Style?

Style is your unique way of using the vintage to the latest fashion.

Like Fashion, Style does not mean just clothing style. It also can be anything. Talking style, walking style, or writing style. In fashion, style is exactly the same as โ€œpersonal styleโ€, as I told you that style is a way to express your inner self. Style is an own particular look. It is about self-identity and personal choice of how you want to do something. For an easy example, Dungaree is a Fashion. But you always love to wear it with one unbuttoned shoulder or particularly with basic white tees. That is your style girl. So, style may be attached to the current Fashion or it can be untrendy. Style is strongly connected to the mind of an individual.ย 

So, basically โžก
  • Fashion needs to be accepted by a larger population where style represents individuals.ย 
  • Another point is fashion changes with time, but style is timeless. Someone can be stylish without following the trend or fashion. Being stylish means developing self-sense and staying true to own.

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