I hope you felt like today I’ll not wear this black top, instead, I’ll wear this yellow one. Because every color throws different pictures and creates a distinguishable feeling within us. Let’s say each Color has a Different Significance. Even, Men and Women see things differently. Men perceive less difference in colors than women due to neuron differences in the visual cortex of the brain. That’s why you will rather see a girl take more time than a boy when it comes to choosing a color. Most men think his girl has similar 5 lipsticks. No dear, they are of different shades!

Why do Colors have meanings?

Our biological nature has this feature to differentiate between colors because it creates a specific connection between colors and emotions. Understanding this connection is the key to impressing someone, provoking or calming certain emotions. We get an image after seeing a person within a second if you don’t know yet. Why? Because Feelings and emotions are more powerful than rational thoughts. That’s why it’s also important to know What Color When to Wear and When Not to wear!

Every big brand knows what kind of attraction they want to create and then plans their logo or chooses the color palette accordingly. Did you notice ever that MacDonald’s, Wao Momo, Burger King, Domino, Burger King, Wendy’s have a common color in their logo? It’s because that color has an attraction feeling in it. So it’s so important to know what color symbolizes what meanings.

Color: Red

Red Dress
Red Dress

Significance of Red Color

In a flattering way, Red is Romantic and Tempting. Red shows confidence and is upbeat. On the downside, Red is the color of Danger and sometimes can be bossy or threatening.

Effects of Red

An Experiment shows that women who wear Red in the clubs were approached more by men than any other color. Another experiment shows that men offered higher tips to those waitresses whose uniforms were red than other colors. So, Red is the most sexually attractive color.

Red color increases heartbeats. Seeing red color can increase your tension more in the exam hall. In a test, it has shown that in any exam appearance of Red can distract you and lower your performance.

Red color stimulates cravings for food. And that’s why most food companies including those companies I mentioned above use Red as their primary color.

Red Facts

  • Japanese believe that Red has some kind of power to sicken the evil.
  • In India, Ladies were Sindoor after married which is red color and shows that she is married.
  • Showing red lights means it’s an indication of Danger.
  • Netflix, YouTube, Coca-Cola many famous brands use Red color to attract viewers/ buyers.

Color: Orange

Orange Dress
Orange Dress

Significance of Orange Color

The positive side of Orange is it shows liveliness, fun, and enthusiasm. It also symbolizes gregarious or neighborly. It means liberation. But on the negative side, it seems superficial, faddist, and foolish.

Effects of Orange

Just like Red, Orange also stimulates appetite. Orange is kind of in-between Yellow and Red. Red and Yellow are the most used color in fast-food brands. Orange increases energy level stimulates thyroid level. Therefore it boosts metabolism.

Bright colors like Orange shows fun, happiness. That is why on most occasions the theme color is Orange. It boosts energy also. Using Orange sports attire is a good idea.

Orange Facts

  • Buddhist Monk wear Orange robes. Becasue it’s related with wisdom, sacrifice and sanity.
  • You probably have noticed, Safty jackets are Orange in color. Just like Red as it comes after red in the Color Wheel, it also attracts eyes (Not the same as Red). That’s why it is also used to show danger.
  • In halloween Orange is another color used most with Black. It’s like color of Fall. In West, Orange color also used in Tanksgiving gift.

Color: Yellow

Yellow Dress
Yellow Dress

Significance of Yellow Color

On the favorable side, Yellow is very cheerful, it shows happiness, joy. It gives hope. It’s an upbeat, youthful, and active color. On the Unfavorable side, Yellow is impulsive and volatile. Also, it shows little immaturity.

Effects of Yellow

Yellow signifies freshness, crispiness, joy, and hope. But, Yellow has less sunny senses than Orange and It shows cowardness. When we see Yellow it stimulates nerves, that alert brains and encourages us to freshen the mood. Think of a yellow painting on a white wall. How it brightens the whole wall.

Yellow also boosts our memory. Did you ever notice most of us like yellow highlights? Nowadays every color of highlights is available for E-notes but still, probably most of you choose yellow.

Yellow also encourages communication. If you’re in a new neighborhood or changed your job, wanna make new friends try a bt of Yellow. A also mentioned where you need to wear Yellow here.

Yellow Facts

  • In Quin Dynasty‘s era, Yellow had became a color of emperors. Therefore, yellow was only worn by Royal families.
  • Yellow has a little association with crimes. Confused? Did you notice ever the tape police uses in a crime scene? I don’t know but in Braking Bad, Gus wore yellow shirts. Walter White, Jessi and otheres wear yellow lab suit before cooking myth. As, Vince Gilligan, creater of Breaking Bad told that every color is deeply associate with each character and he made sure that each color represent themselve through those characters.
  • In France, accordingly law any motor vehicels need to keep a Yellow Vest for any emergency case.

Color: Green

Green Dress
Green Dress

Significance of Green Color

From an approving point of view, Green is an earthy color. It is trustworthy, reliable, fostering color. It shows determination, maturity (Not the Neon Green). Green also gives hope. Green is a color for luck somewhere. On the averse side, it can look stubborn because of being over-determined. It may look boring and risk avoider for extra maturity.

Effects of Green

When you see Green, your pituitary gland stimulates. Therefore it increases metabolism. And Green is a color of growth.

Seeing green helps to relax muscles, has a calm effect. You may notice doctors, nurses, hospital cartons all are mostly Green in color.

The green color is earthy and refreshing. If you are staring at a blue screen (Any computer or mobile screen) for a longer period you need to relax your eye to look at any green object in thirty minutes.

Green Facts

  • Green is really an earthy, refreshing color and symbolizes rebirth that Green is another name for environment-friendly products.
  • Jadeite is a green precious stone. In Chinese culture, Jadeite had used as a symbol of wealth, power, and status.
  • Green also represents greed and jealousy and the best example is again Breaking Bad. In the last seasons, you will notice a lot of green is associated with Walter White.

Color: Blue

Blue Dress
Blue Dress

Significance of Blue Color

Blue offers peace, calmness. It symbolizes Constant. It’s another Royal color besides dark Green. Blue develops Authority. But on the gloomy side, it may look exhausting and boring. Blue means also conservative, exactly the opposite of Orange.

Effects of Blue

Blue decreases the heart rate. There’s an experiment where it has been proven that Red increases pressure, so increases heartbeat whereas blue did the opposite. So if you wanna calm down see Blue, wear Blue.

Blue color can slow breathing. Again, related to heartbeat. If you’re calm, you will breathe slow. But that also impacts our sleep. Stare at dark blue for better sleep. That’s why probably nowadays night lamps are blue. But it looks more beautiful rather than it helps. It affects the sleep cycle.

Blue Facts

  • Blue light can kill antibiotic-resistance bacteria.
  • Accordingly Psych Central, blue light has reduced crimes. In Japan Railway Platforms there are blue light installed, and crime incidents are reduced.
  • Blue shows authority. There are many examples of it. Princes Diana’s engagement ring is made of precious gen stone Sapphire which is royal blue.
  • Evil Eye is dark blue color with sky blue jewel of the eye. In addition, Evil Eye hold back negativity.

Color: Purple

Purple Dress
Purple Dress

Significance of Purple Color

Purple is a sensitive color, and imaginative. It shows instinct. Purple is special, unique, and generous. But, on the negative side Purple shows immaturity because it’s imaginative. It shows impracticable and weird because it’s unique, sometimes outstanding which creates a negative impression on others.

Effects of Purple

Purple is unique itself. It’s a mixture of Blue and Red. So it can calm you or stimulate your feelings. Depends on how much and which tone you are using. Purple shows creativity, it’s wild.

Purple reflects the luxury, richness, fame of a person. It shows the person is financially secure and gives a royalty vibe.

Purple creates a perception of a person as a child or immature. From a positive point of view, I can say it shows the youthful nature of a person.

Purple Facts

  • I think I need to write a separate article on Color theory of Breaking Bad. Marie here always wears purple shade clothes for all the seasons. Her bedhit was also purple. She stoled a tiara for her niece. All of these shows how much attracted she was toward Royality.
  • In Rome, other citizen than Royal, were forbidden to wear purple. Alexander and other Royal men, women wore purple robes. They made purple dye from shells of rare and expensive sea snails.
  • Above all, Julias Ceaser was killed for wearing a purple Toga, as purple was for ruling class.

Color: Pink

Pink Dress
Pink Dress

Significance of Pink Color

Not stereotyping, but Pink symbolizes femininity. It shows gentleness. Pink means unrestricted and a non-threatening safe color. In contrast, pink symbolize heartbreaks, unimportant. The color also illustrates underconfidence.

Effects of Pink

Light pinks are soothing colors. Pink also low the aggression level. The opponent side sometimes shows a lot of pink to the other party to reduce the attack. Too much pink bring down the confidence level.

Females can increase their femininity softly with pink while males can show their inner sweetness through pink color.

Pink Facts

  • In Switzerland, some of many prisons had been painted pink to keep violent criminals. In addition, it was effective.
  • Queen Rania of Jordan wore a cool pink tailored trouser with an oversized blazer for jointing her husband King Abdullah ii. And she looked beutiful and that pink costume is quite famous.
  • As well as Meghan Markle also wore famous Carolina Herrera dress at Trooping the Colour, 2018.
  • Therfore, I think they often wear pink in media moments to tone them down a little bit.

Color: Brown

Brown Dress
Brown Dress

Significance of Brown Color

Brown is a homey, earthy color. Brown shades are a popular classics. It shows companionable. It represents security, safety. On the opposing side, it can be boring. Just that brown does not have a ton of negatives!

Effects of Brown

Brown creates a motherly, down-to-earth, trusty image of a person. It shows warmth and homey feelings. Satin deep Browns also show richness.

Brown increases the Tryptophan level. Tryptophan helps to produce Melatonin and Serotonin. Melatonin affects our sleep cycle while Melatonin affects our appetite and mood.

Got to color for every occasion is different shades of brown. It is the only neutral color you can wear everywhere, where you can’t wear black and white everywhere.

Brown Facts

  • Keyne West’s Yeezy Season 2 collection is all abour shades of Browns. She proved Brown is not all about borigness.
  • Brown (with Black and White) is the most used color in paintings. However, In the Middle Ages painters preferred bright, distinct colors such as red, blue and green, rather than Browns. In late 15th century, Artists started using Browns in huge ammount when oil painting arrived.

Color: Black

Black Dress
Black Dress

Significance of Black Color

On the bright side black is a formal, refined, strong color. It’s mysterious. On the other hand, it’s a colorless, lifeless sad color.

Effects of Black

Black doesn’t reflect any color. It’s a scientific fact but as everything is related black also shows emptiness, mournful. It can be depressing if you don’t know how to use black. When using black you can use any color to brighten up the black because any color is a color, while black is colorless. Choose happy, attractive tones.

Black represents death. For Christians, they wear all black on lovable one’s death. Black also denotes bad luck and plague.

On the good side black also aligned with sophistication and elegance. Black also looks flattery on any skin. By color theory, warm people don’t look good with black but my personal opinion is yes they also can wear black. Black is for everybody.

The back has a slimming effect. If you are insecure about your body which I am strongly against (Love your body man/lady!!), but if you want you can wear a well-fitted (Not tight) black dress. It improves our confidence, makes us feel stronger.

Black Facts

  • Black establish authority like Red, that’s why it is commonly worn by judges.
  • In 19th century, english poets, businessmen wore mostly black suits.
  • Black (with White and Brown) is the most used color in the art. In Neolithic cave paintings there’s you can see extreme uses of Black.

Color: White

White Dress
White Dress

Significance of Black Color

White shows purity, innocence. It is clear simple but also futuristic. On the poor side, White shows a Purer and Simpler than you vibe.

Effects of White

White helps to calm people. It signifies peace. In hospitals, doctors and Nurses use white color the most with green.

White also represents hygiene. If you’re wearing a clear clean white dress that reflects your freshness which is not the same as other colors. Because they hide dirt.

White Facts

  • White (with Brown and Black) is the most used color in the art.
  • Christian’s wedding color for Bride and Groom is White, and I love that 🤍
  • Gwyneth Paltrow Tom Ford 2012 Oscars Uber Chic Cape White dress was one of the best Red carpet dress in 2021.
  • Celine Dion’s Backward White tuxido became outstandingly famous which she wore in 1999 Oscars. She also bring back the style in this 20s cnetury.

When I wore that look, yes it was at the Oscars, and when I wore that, everyone was wearing dresses, not pants, I was the only one with pants in a backward suit from Galliano and if I would do this today it would work. It was avant-garde at the time. And it doesn’t matter, you just have to assume what you wear, you wear, and I did.

Celine Dion

After knowing the significance, know What Color When to Wear and When Not to wear!

  That's all for today! I hope you liked it (❁´◡`❁)  

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