Western American Clothing

American countries are the leading countries in the fashion design industry. New York City and Los Angeles are the centers of America’s Fashion industry. As we all know Western dresses are the influence of America. But Today we will talk about a little history of American clothing and different types of traditional clothes of America!

History of American Clothing

The 1920s

American Ladies 1920 dresses were mainly straight and slightly flowy, below the knee. #UnrefinedBloom
1920s American Ladies

In the 1920s women used to wear dresses. The length was below the knee. Those dresses were mainly straight and slightly flowy. In winter they used fur coats. In jewelry, they primarily used pearl necklaces. The dresses had collars but were not prominent. On the outside they used hats.

In the 1920s Men used to properly dress in three-piece suits. #UnrefinedBloom
1920s American Men

In the 1920s Men used to properly dress in three-piece suits. They also wore long overcoats and fedora hats. They used gloves, lace-boots and kept pocket watches with them.

The 1930s

American ladies in 1930s started to adorn Hollywood style. #UnrefinedBlom
1930s American Ladies

In the 1930s Holywood was rising. The fashion of this period was very much influenced by Hollywood films and celebrities. 

The dresses were flowier, feminine, and full-length. Ladies used to were low back and satin dresses in the evening time. Menswear also began to take influence from Hollywood and became less formal. It became simple. They stopped wearing three-layer suits. In winter they used pullover sweaters and gloves. At that time collar shirts became popular in the daytime. In the 1940s due to World War II, they dressed up in their military uniform. And women at that time again started to wear shorter clothes. The dresses became tighter and more fitted. At that time short bob-cut curled hair was very trendy.

From The 1950s To The 1970s

In 1950s Women's dresses wear A-line, fitted, and often with collar.  #UnrefinedBloom
1950s American Women

During the 1950s many designer brands were launched. Christian Dior and Coco Chanel like big brands were emerging then. Women’s dresses wear A-line, fitted, and often with a collar. Women used to adopt boyish clothes more and more. They used mostly pump shoes. Short bob-cut hair was an everyday hairstyle.

In 1970s Men started to wear platform shoes, colorful shirts, bell-bottom jeans. #UnrefinedBloom
1970s American Men

During the 1970s women started to wear more boyish clothes like bell-bottom pants, tunic tops, graphic t-shirts, etc. Suppose they wear dresses that wear mostly above the knee. Men started to wear platform shoes, colorful shirts, and bell-bottom jeans. At that time long hair was fashionable. In the 1980s bright neon colors became the fashion. For both men and women, jeans were high-rise. Both wear sports jerseys, denim, and shorts.

Traditional Clothes in Different Countries of America

North America

  • Women wear Quadrille dresses in Caribbean countries like Jamaica, Dominica, and Haiti. It is worn particularly in Quadrille dance. 
  • In the Bahamas, Junkanoo costumes are seen in the Junkanoo carnival. 
  • In Bermuda, men were seen in Bermuda shorts. Yes, Bermuda shorts are initially from Bermuda. These are very loose knee-length big shorts, also known as walk shorts. 
  • In Canada, Botton Blankets are worn occasionally. Mackinaw clothes are heavy waterproof clothes used by lumberjacks.
  • In Mexico, men’s costumes are called Charro outfits. It is used to express personal pride in being Mexican. This outfit consists of colorful tight decorative pants, short jackets, silk ties, etc. Charro coats are worn by both men and women. Women wear long decorative matching skirts with coats. They use high-heel boots or leather shoes.
  • In the United States, there are varieties of Western clothes. In Alaska, Kuspuks is a hooded over-shirt with large front pockets worn with dark pants and Mukluks. Mukluks are soft boots with three layers—short inner slipper, furry inner, and furry outer layer. In New York City Breeches wear traditionally worn by many wealthy families. Breeches cover the body from the waistline to down up to the knee. It covers both legs separately. Breeches are still worn on special occasions, or as uniform.

South America

  • In Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil the Gaucho costume represents brave. Gaucho means a skilled horseman. Their specific costume is called the Gaucho costume, Gaucho hat, a cowboy-style hat.
  • In Brazil, Abada is worn by Bahia’s people. It is a white tunic for African Muslims in Brazil. In the carnival of Brazil, the Samba costume is very famous. These are very shiny, colorful, costumes. In Rio Grande Do Sul, Gaucho costumes are usual.
  • In central Chile, Chamanto costumes are traditional clothes. It is a decorative garment that looks like a poncho. These garments do not have separate rooms for arms. It looks like a wrapped garment.
  • In Peru, though Poncho is usual. A poncho or cape is worn to keep the body warm. It is just like Chamanto, but longer and bigger. Peru people wear Chullo for cold weather. It is a woolen hat with earlaps.

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