Disclaimer: Sorry ladies because this post is not about you just participating in some entertaining quiz and getting personal style by choosing what kind of clothes you see when you first open your wardrobe! No, it’s not because I found those not helpful but what if I’m the one who does not love more than half of the outfits I have in my closet? That’s not gonna explain or judge me right!

Fashion Fades but Style is Eternal

Yves Saint Laurent

I know that Laharee, but I don’t know my style! I am confused! First of all, it’s okay to be confused because changing your style is not a big deal! Don’t feel guilty, sometimes change is a necessity. Secondly, I’m gonna help you to find out what kind of dresser you are. Thirdly and most excitingly you will answer the question below.

Finding My Style

Remember style is not something just about looking good but also feeling good and comfortable. Additionally, it boosts our confidence.

If you want to Look Chic instead of finding a personal style 🔽 See This!

When you open your wardrobe to dress up what do you feel?

  1. I am alive that’s enough. Fashion is not for me.
  2. I want to buy at least one dress right now because I can’t find any, all these dresses are useless!
  3. I have so many fashionable clothes just like I see on Pinterest and Insta models, so wear anything and people will envy me while walking in! 😍 Fashion above comfort after all!
  4. Hmm.. I’ll illustrate or embrace myself, let’s look at the occasion I’m wearing for… Okay, this can go beautifully 🌸

Go to 1,2,3,4 accordingly to your selection.

1. You have Fashion Anxiety

Therefore it is making you fashion avoidant. That’s right. Or let’s say you are fashion avoidant old style by choice and you love it, but why you are here then? TADA! Well, confirm your choice by seeing What is Fashion Anxiety in detail.

Style Guide

Now that you are sure about your choice let’s see what I have for you!

Next time don’t rush when you go shopping. Firstly, After selecting a dress wear it in the changing room for a few minutes. Secondly, You are already frightened so avoid online shopping. Thirdly, try on Mood Enhancement attires, and last but not least focus on Focal Accessories.

Mood Enhancement

See this to understand what Mood Enhancement, is, I’m not extending it again 😛 Try to enhance your mood with a fashionable shoe. If you feel uncomfortable go with the half to 1-inch heel. I hope that will be easy for you and there are thousands of choices with low heels like sandals, boots, boho sandals, pump shoes, etc. Then extend your boundary very slowly maybe with a purse.

Shoes are the quickest way for women to achieve instant metamorphis

Manolo Blahnik

-And he meant this.

Focal Accessories

These are the accessories you love, you want to wear these again and again. These accessories are connected with your emotions, with your memories, and maybe fashion-forward, many classic pieces do not matter. You will feel good if something is connected with your precious memories. These can be anything, a watch, a necklace, or a ring you received as a gift. Most importantly you will feel like wearing a warm hug.

2. Fashion Fatigue can Illustrate you

You have my stylish clothes or at least you thought they were stylish when you were buying them! But sad, they are not anymore. Is the word running faster? But then why do they say that Style is Eternal!! They are dear. Now confirm your choice by checking What is Fashion Fatigue.

Style Guide

Now that you know what you are, let’s work on it.

You are tired of your choice, right? I know this feeling because I had Fashion Fatigueness. You are the ones who get excited after watching a dress but after coming home or after a year you think what on the earth you bought that! And getting dressed will stress you, you will probably ignore outgoing because you know you have nothing to wear within those hundred of clothes 🙄

First, you need to simplify your shopping approach. Did you hear about the Capsule Wardrobe? You need that solid 10 dresses that illustrate your mood.

Mood Illustration

See what is Mood Illustration here, I’m not elaborating again 😛 But you’re probably thinking, Laharee I don’t know what to buy, nothing I like after buying. Well, ask yourself some questions.

Do you love a skirt that makes you look cute or sexy depending on what kind of skirt or rather you wanna look smart with tailored trousers? Do you love feminine blouses or boxy loose-fitted tops or instead you wanna look simple with quality t-shirts? Sneakers or like, no! I need heels to concentrate!

Ask yourself about the colors. Love Neon colors like neon, green, pink, purple, blue, and red hues? Or rather you will choose classic neutral colors like blacks, or browns? I am not going very depth in colors, you have simple two choices to choose from.

After you get your answer first buy a single whole outfit. If I were you, I’ll buy a simple outfit with neutral colors, trust me if you are confused, choose neutrals and classic pieces first. Then wear it for a whole week not just one day, but six days.

The answer will be either yes or no, and your choice will be more clear next time when you will buy. And don’t go crazy shopping, buy a single outfit for every occasion and build a capsule wardrobe, that will clear your mind and ease stress.

3. Fashion Assimilation

You are blending in the fashion-forward society like Insta models, and standing out from the crowd. But somehow, you’re exhausted? Well, first check if Fashion Assimilation illustrates you.

Congratulation! You are overwhelming everybody, at least you think you are. But on the inside, you know that you’re not that you are just following trends. Because somewhere you believe that if you don’t follow trends you will be an old school girl with no fame! Oh, were you that famous girl in your college? You were loving that until responsibilities came to your shoulder, now you’re draining out by buying too many precious things.

And, now, if you’re realizing that somehow you are right Laharee, those dresses I wear I feel confident outside because I know they are trending but inside I feel uncomfortable. Above all those are not my choice. Then I am sorry dear, You are a Fashion Victim.


In this section, you may be the one who is feeling comfortable with your choice, and your financial state is not even an issue for you! That’s great. But still, I will talk because you are the one who probably has a habit of doing online shopping very often. And this habit can be very distracting and will leave unhealthy influences on you.

Style Guide

Firstly, try something mood illustrating dresses. You already wear everything that supposes to enhance your mood, but they don’t. If you wanna be fashion-forward, that is okay, But you have already spent half of your life trying to impress others so it’s time to respect your spirit. Secondly, stop following social media fashionistas to be one! No dislike for them but you’re capable enough to choose your fashion statement, to choose your style and you have the right to wear anything you like!

If you’re following fashion for a long period you know exactly what you like. THINK> You had probably thought about buying that (Not to impress others) numerous times but every time, you felt insecure. You thought if you wear that, everybody will ignore you. DELETE that thought.

If you have friends ask them frankly if they liked your new choice, and open yourself to them. See if they adore your choice. If they make some hate speech, dear you will know at that very moment they liked you because you are the popular one. The choice you’re thinking is very hard is not hard at all! Either some people value your choice so you can dress comfortably or there are no people who appreciate your style so you will also not care about anybody and dress up following your choice. Either way, you choose yourself first. 😎

Different Between Fashion Fatigue and Assimilation

The difference between Fashion Fatigueness and Assimilation is 1st a person does not follow trends and buys anything based on 1st impression of a garment. 2nd person always follows trends without even caring about their choice, comfort, or anything.

4. Lovely!

You already know what you like, and what you don’t. You have a sense of respecting your spirit, that’s great. You may not be a fashion-forward person but you are happy with what you’re wearing, that’s what matters. I am not an influencer to convince you into something you don’t love.

But still, you’re reading my post until the last so I guess there is something you want? Ask yourself. You are mature enough, do you want a change? Because you’re following your style for a long duration? If not, if you’re here just for entertaining purposes then great, Ignore what I say. But if you want a change see below.

Little Style Tip

Are your dresses flattering? Then it’s time to buy one or two tailored trousers and shirts or tops. If you’re wearing a tailored suit for a long time try a sleeveless flattering one pice like summer dresses for daytime or a little black dress for the nighttime.

If you are wearing both of the styles then try street fashion. Contrasting right? And that is why I am saying don’t buy more than two outfits because changing style may not suit you, you have to do experiments. When you’re choosing a street fashion remember not to go too baggy for the first time. There are some Chic Street Fashion looks too!

If you want to level up your fashion journey, choose Haute-Couture-influenced dresses. Remember you don’t need to reinvent your choice if you don’t want to, after all, you’re already comfortable and happy with what you wear. But you can still look elegant after expanding your choice.

  That's all for today! I hope you liked it (❁´◡`❁)  

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