There are more than a hundred types of fabrics if you’re wondering. Different types of fabrics are made from different types of single or mixed fibers in different structures. It’s not possible to cover all of them, But I have listed 150 types of Fabric here. And, here is the Basic idea and difference between Fabrics and Fibers.

150 Types of Fabric

As this is a very long post, I am listing here all the 150 Fabric names. In the next 5 Pages (25 Fabrics on each page) I am covering all the fabrics with little detail. Material

No.Fabric ListFiber/s Used For the Fabric
1Aertex fabricLoosely woven Cotton
2Aida clothEven woven Cotton
3Alencon LaceFrance Needle Lace
4Antique SatinAcetate and Rayon
5Armenian NeedlelacePure knotted Needle Lace
6Baize fabricThick Wool or Cotton
7Barathea fabricWool, Silk, and Cotton
8BatikWax-resist Dyeing on Cotton or Silk
9Batiste fabricCotton, Wool, and Polyester
10Battenberg LaceAmerican Tape Lace
11Bengaline silkRayon and Cotton
12Bird’s eye knitDouble Knitted Cotton
13Bombazine fabricSilk, or Silk and Wool or Cotton and Wool
14Brocade fabricShuttle Woven Silks Decorated with Gold and Silver Fiber
15Broderie AnglaiseWhitework, Needlework, Embroidery Features
16Buckram fabricStiff Cotton or Linen or Horsehair or Muslin
17Buratto LaceItalian Needle Lace by daring on a Net
18Cable knit fabricDouble knitted Cotton or Wool
19Calico fabricWoven, Semi-Processed Cotton
20Cambric fabricFine, Dense, but Lightweight Linen or Cotton
21Camlet fabricWoven Camel or Goat’s hair and silk or Cotton and Wool
22Canvas fabricDurable Plain woven Cotton or Linen
23Carrickmacross laceDecorated Three Layer Pattern-Net-Muslin Lace
24Casement fabricWoven medium weight Cotton
25Cashmere fabricWoven or Knitted fine Wool from Cashmere Goat
26Chantilly LaceHandmade Bobbin Silk Lace
27CheeseclothLoose, Lightest, Woven Cotton
28Chenille fabricWoven Cotton or Acrylic or Rayon or Olefin
29Cheviot fabricWoven Cheviot Wool from Cheviot Sheep and Other Wools
30Chiengora fabricWool or Yearn from Dog Hair
31Chiffon fabricTranslucent, lightweight balanced plain-woven Silk fabric
32Chino fabricTwill 100% Cotton or Cotton and Synthetic
33Chintz fabricWoodblock printed stained Calico
34Corduroy fabricMultiple Cords of Cotton and/or Woolen
35Cotton and Linen DuckHeavy plain-woven Cotton and Linenrespectively
36Crepe fabricSilk, Wool or Synthetic fibers with Crisp and Crimp
37Crewel fabricEmbroidery on Cotton, Silk, Velvet, Linen or Jute
38Damask fabricReversible patterned Silk or Linen or Wool or Cotton or Synthetic
39Dazzle fabricLightweight Polyester, Cotton, and Synthetic or Synthetic
40Denim fabricThick Cotton, Cotton, and Spandex for Elasiticy
41Dimity fabricLightweight Cotton
42Dobby or DobbieWoven Satin produced on Dobby Loom
43Dotted SwissSheer embellished Cotton
44DowlasStrong thick Linen
45Drill fabricDurable strong diagonal weave Cotton
46Dupioni SilkPlain weave Crisp Silk Fabric
47DungareeLike Denim, coarse Calico or Cotton
48Eolienne fabricLightweight Silk and Worsted Wool or Silk and Cotton
49Felt fabricWool, Fur, Acrylic, or Rayon alone or blended
50Fiberglass fabricFine Glass fibers
51Filter fabricPolypropylene, Polyethylene, and Polyester
52Flannel fabricSoft woven Carded or Worsted Wool, or Cotton
53Fleece knitKnitted 100% Cotton or Cotton, Polyester, and Wool blend.
54Foulard fabricLightweight twill or plain-woven Silk or Silk and Cotton
55Fustian fabricHeavy Cotton
56Gabardine fabricDurable, Strong, tightly woven Cotton
57Gannex fabricOuter Nylon and inner Wool
58Gauze fabricTranslucent loose weave Cotton or Silk
59Georgette fabricTranslucent, lightweight, Matte finished Silk
60Gingham fabricMediumweight, plain-woven Cotton with check or plaid pattern
61Grey or greige fabricWoven unprocessed Cotton or Polyester fabric
62HabotaiPlain weave, light weave Silk
63HairclothStiff Wool from Camel’s or Horse’s hair
64Hessian fabricWoven Jute or Sisal
65Holland ClothPlain woven, matt Cotton or Linen
66Hollie Point LaceEnglish Buttonhole stitched Needle Lace
67Houndstooth CheckDuotone broken check (like teeth) pattern Wool
68Industrial fabricA woven man-made fabric, like Fiberglass
69Intarsia knitKnitting technique with multi-colored threads
70Interlock StitchKnitted Wool or Cotton or Synthetic fibers
71Jacquard KnitWoven Cotton, Silk and Synthetic Fibers
72Jersey knitKnitted Wool, Cotton or Synthetic
73Kashmir silkWoven, plain weave Embroided or Printed Kashmiri Silk
74Khadi fabricHandwoven mainly Cotton. Silk and Wool
75Khaki fabricCotton, Linen sometimes Wool Khaki color fabric
76LaceDelicate, knitted, Crocheted, or Crafted, Needle or Bobbin general Lace
77Lame fabricWoven or Knitted Metallic fiber like Gold or Silver
78Laminated fabricBonding pre-made Polymer film with one or more fabrics using glue, heat, pressure
79LampasLuxury woven Silk with Gold and Silver fibers
80Lawn fabricAdequate, plain weave Cotton, Batiste or Linen
81Leather fabricDurable tanned treated animal skins like cattle, sheep, goats, buffalo, etc
82LeatheretteArtificial Leather
83Linen FabricLinen from the flax plant
84Linsey WoolseyRough twill Linen and Wool
85LodenThick, water-resistance Wool
86Mackinaw fabricHeavy and Rough, water-repellent Wool
87Madras fabricLightweight Cotton
88MockadoWoolen pile on Linen or Worsted Wool
89Moire fabricWave patterned mainly Silk. Wool, Cotton, Rayon
90MoleskinHeavy, woven Cotton Fabric
91Muslin or Mousseline fabricLightweight, delicate to thick Cotton
92NankeenYellowish Cotton
93Narrow fabricPolyester, Nylon, Fiberglass, Spendes, Rubber or Cotton thick Fabric
94NetLooped, knotted, fused, threads. The fabric has open space between threads
95OilskinWaterproof, durable, PVC coated Synthetic fabric
96Organdy fabricPlain weave, very sheer, and Crispest Cotton
97Organza fabricThin, plain weave, sheer Silk, or Polyester or Nylon
98Ottoman fabricRibbed, thick, stiff Silk
99Oxford fabricWoven Cotton, Cotton and Elastane or Polyester
100PaduasoyLuxurious grosgrain Silk
101Percale fabricClosely Plain-weave Cotton, Polyester, etc blends
102Pique or MarcellaParallel, Geometric weaving style used on Cotton
103Plain fabricInterlacing threads one over, one under. Chiffon, Organdy, Funnle etc
104Pointelle KnitDurable, knitted, lightweight, Cotton
105Polar fleece fabricSoft Polyester
106Poplin fabricFine, thick, Wool or Cotton or Silk
107Purl knit fabricAlternative knitted and Purl stiched Fabric
108Quilted fabricWoven Wool, Cotton, Polyester, Silk, etc blend
109RakematizThick silk embellished with gold threads.
110Raschel knit fabricSpecial wrap Knitted fabric
111RayadilloBlue and White stripped Cotton or Fannel
112Rep fabricWoven Silk, Cotton or Wool
113Rib KnitVertical striped knitted Cotton or/and Rayon
114SamiteLuxurious, heavy Silk with Gold or Silver thread
115Sateen fabricSatin weaved, shiny, soft, lustrous Cotton
116ScarletFine, Pricy Woollen Fabric
117SeersuckerThin Cotton
118SergeTwill, Worsted Wool and Silk linings
119Shantung fabricRibbed surface, plain-weave Silk, like Dupioni
120SharkskinWoven or wrap-knitted, smooth, Acetate and Rayon, or Worsted wool and Synthetic fiber blends
121Sheeting fabricWoven 100% Cotton or Polyester and Cotton blend
122Shot silkWoven Silk
123Silver KnitCircular knitted Fur attached Fabric
124Stretch fabricPartially Elastane, Lycra, Spandex blends with Cotton, Poplin, Sateen, Jersey, Jacquard knit, Chiffon, Velvet Wool, etc
125SuedeFuzzy, dozed finished Leather
126Taffeta fabricCrisp, smooth, plain woven Silk, Rayon, Acetate, and Polyester
127TaisWoven, animal, or geometric patterned Cotton
128TapestryAn art mostly on woven Wool, Linen, Silk, or Cotton. May embellished with Gold, Silver threads.
129Tartan fabricWoven Wool and other fibers
130Teneriffe LaceNeedle Lace of Canary Island
131Terry clothWoven or Knitted, great water-absorbent Fibers. Towels
132Ticking fabricWoven Cotton or Linen
133Tissue fabricWoven Silk or man-made Synthetic
134ToileUnbleached, woven Cotton or Single knit Jersey
135Tricot KnitSpecial wrap knitted Nylon and Spandex or Polyester and Spandex
136Tulle NettingLightweight, adequate, Silk, Nylon, Polyester or Rayon Netting
137TweedRough Woolen or Soft Cheviot or Homespun
138TwillA very Common textile Weaving technique. Diagonal parallel ribbed weave.
139UltrasuedeSynthetic, 100% recycled ultra-micro fiber. 80% Polyester and 20% Polyurethane or 65% Polyester and 35% Polyurethane
140Velour knittedKnitted Cotton or Polyester looks like Velvet or Velveteen
141Velvet fabricWoven tufted, smooth, medium-thick, Silk, Cotton, Wool, or Synthetic Fabric.
142VelveteenSilk and Cotton
143Venetian Lace17th Century Needle Lace with floral motif
144Viscose fabricBamboo Fiber or Beech or Pine or Eucalyptus
145Voile fabricSoft and sheer 99% Cotton and 1% Linen or Polyester
146WadmalCoarse, Thick undyed woven Wool
147Whipcord fabricTuft Worsted Wool or Cotton with twisted yarns
148Worsted WoolFine quality and longer Wool fibers
149Youghal LaceTrue Needle Lace
150ZibelineThick, soft Mohair or Alpaca Wool or Camel Hair
List of 150 Fabrics and what fiber or fibers they are made of. Composition of 150 Fabrics.

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