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150 Types of Fabric (1-25)

1. Aertex Fabric

Aertex was a fabric manufactured by Aertex British Company in Manchester city. It was established in 1888. The fabric they produced was a lightweight, loosely woven cotton fabric. It used to make shirts and underwear. Aertex fabric has its trademark. During World War II, the British women’s Land Army wore this Aertex as a uniform. In the Far and the Middle East, Commonwealth Land Forces wore Aertex bush shorts and jackets.

2. Aida Cloth Fabric

Aida Cloth fabric is an even woven fabric made of cotton, with a natural mesh pattern. It’s a very stiff material so, it does not need an embroidery hoop. Aida cloth is used for Cross Stitch embroidery.

3. Alencon Lace

Alencon lace is a needle lace that originated in Alencon, a city in France. It’s also known as point d’Alencon. Queen Marie Antoinette de Lorrine-Hasbourg wore dresses trimmed with Alencon lace.

4. American Needlelace

American Needlelace is the pure form of needle lace because it’s only made with a needle and a thread. This is also known as Knotted, and Nazareth Lace. Because this lace is built with tying knots. Knots are tied onto the previous hoop by creating small loops of thread onto which, the next round of knots can be tied.

5. Antique Satin

Antique Satin is a blend of wrap threads acetate and weft threads rayon. It’s also known as Satin-Back Shantung. Which referees it’s reversible and one side is satin while another side is Shantung. It was developed in the 1950s and used as a decorative fabric for drapes. The texture of Antique Satin is not so shiny like wedding satin, it has small clubs on the surface. In the late 1950s, a company Penco Fabrics introduced Antique Satin in 101 colors.

6. Baize Fabric

Baize Fabric is a woven fabric, a combination of wool and cotton. The wool is rough and the cotton is used here is usually cheaper. But this fabric is very durable. That’s why Baize is often used on Pool, Billiards. It’s even used for other Casino gaming tables like Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps. The texture of Baize fabric is usually rough for using coarse wool, which helps to provide the needed resistance while playing. In the 19th-century Pedestal desks were also covered with Baize.

7. Barathea Fabric

Barathea is a soft fabric constructed with blends of wool, silk, and cotton fibers. It may have twill which creates a lightly ribbed surface. Worsted Barathea is made of Worsted Wool, which is the high quality of wool and creates a smooth surface. Worsted Barathea is used for evening coats like dress coats, dinner jackets.

8. Batik

Batik is a printed Cotton or Silk. It’s a technique of wax-resist dyeing. This Batik printing or art is originated from Java, Indonesia. Tjanting or Canting is a tool (like pen) used to apply liquid wax dots and lines for making batik. There’s another technique for making Batik is printing the resist with a copper stamp. There are Batik printed sarees which are very popular among Indian ladies.

9. Batiste Fabric

Batiste is a fine, soft, lightweight (But not sheer) fabric made from cotton or linen, polyester, and wool. It is used as lining for high-quality garments. As it’s soft and lightweight, it is also used for lingerie, nightgown, christening gown, and handkerchiefs.

10. Battenberg Lace

Battenberg Lace is an American popular tape lace, first made by Sara Hadley. Tape laces wear known as modern point laces in the 19th century. Even this originated from America, it’s named after Prince Henry or Princess Beatrice of Battenberg. This lace was used for hemming.

11. Bengaline Silk

Bengaline Fabric is a mixture of fiber of Cotton and Rayon. From the 1880s to 1890s this became fashionable for women and children. Bengaline silk was made more with cotton than silk percentage, still, it gave a genuine silk impression and was very pricy. Later this went out of fashion.

12. Bird’s Eye

Bird’s eye is double knitted cotton or linen fabric, mixing knitting stitches and tuck stitches, that form a repetitive woven pattern that looks like a bird’s eye. It’s lightweight and breathable, good for suits and women’s clothing.

13. Bombazine Fabric

Bombazine is a blend of silk and wool, or cotton and wool, or silk and wool independently. It’s also known as Bobasine, made with a silk warp and worsted wool weft. It is twilled and used for dress material. Back in the 19th century Balck Bombazines are used as mourning wear.

14. Brocade fabric

Brocade is a richly decorative woven fabric made of Silks decorated with Gold and Silver fibers. The fun fact is Brocade came from Broccoli which comes from the Italian word Broccato meaning Embossed cloth. The woven technique is the weft. In Guatemala, Brocade is a famous technique. Maya people weave it on Backstrap looms.

15. Broderie Anglaise

Broderie Anglaise is a beautiful needlework embroidery technique. It is characterized by round or oval-shaped patterns called eyelets, The patterns were often depicting flowers, leaves, stems. Broderie Anglaise was originated in the 16th Century, in England, and in the 19th century, it became very popular. Brigitte Bardot wore a dress with Broderie Anglaise in her wedding.

16. Buckram Fabric

Buckram fabric is a stiff coated cotton, muslin, or linen fabric made of lightweight loose woven. It can be shiny or dull and available in many colors. In middle age (5th to 15th Century), it was known as Bokeram and was fine cotton cloth, not stiff.

17. Buratto Lace

Buratto lace is an Italian needlework lace created by darning on a net. It tends to be heavier in appearance due to the woven nature of the net. Buratto looks similar to Filet Lace. But you can distinguish them, as it’s darned onto a woven net, not in the knotted net which is used for Filet.

18. Cable Knit

As the name is suggesting, it is a Knitted Cotton or Woolen fabric. The knitting is known as Cable knit. It looks like two cables or rope wrapping each other. Due to double knitting, it’s very durable. Especially it is used for warmer clothes like sweaters.

19. Calico fabric

Calico is a plain-woven fabric made from unbleached, unprocessed, or processed cotton. It is a durable fabric, not delicate like muslin because it’s thicker. Calico is originated from Calicut or Kozhikode city in India. After Vasco da Gama reached Calicut, India it became known in Europe. Calico fabric is used for bed covers, dresses, skirts, and other dressmaking.

20. Cambric Fabric

Cambric Fabric is a fine and dense, lightweight plain-woven Linen or Cotton fabric. It is also known as Batiste. It’s originated in France. Its texture is smooth and made with cotton or linen and can be bleached or piece dyed. It is mainly used for underwear, handkerchiefs.

21. Camlet Fabric

Camlet Fabric was originally made from Camel’s or goat’s hair. It’s a woven fabric. Nowadays it is made from wool, cotton, silk, or goat’s hair. Figured Camlets are one color Camlet, are marked with various flowers, figures, etc. Water Camlets are prepared with a certain procedure with water after weaving.

22. Canvas fabric

Canvas is a plain-woven fabric made of cotton, linen, Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC. Before it was made from hemp. Canvas is a very durable fabric and is mostly used by painters for oil painting. In fashion, there’s the usage of Canvas too, like stylish handbags, canvas shoes, etc.

23. Carrickmacross Lace

Carrickmacross is a decorative lace. It’s a three-layer fabric. It was first introduced in 1820, in Ireland by Mrs. Grey Porter. The first layer is the pattern, the second layer is a machine-made net and the third layer is the fine muslin. Through muslin, patterns will be visible. A thick Outline is stitched by a thread down along lines of the pattern, sewing net, and fabric together. Loops of the thread are known as Twirls. After finishing the excessive fabric is cut away.

24. Casement Fabric

Casement is a woven cotton fabric made of tightly packed thick Wrap knit. It’s a light to mediumweight semi-sheer fabric, mainly used for curtains and normally light in color. It is used for other upholstery too, like tablecloths.

25. Cashmere Wool

Cashmere Fabric is made of pure Cashmere woven or knitted Wool Fiber. The first production of Cashmere was in Mongolia, Nepal. We get Cashmere fiber from Cashmere goats (Goat of Kashmir), Pashmina goats. So, this fiber is also known as Pashm. It is the finest, most expensive wool and ideal for the coldest months. There are many items from long-short coats, sweaters, mufflers, shawls, those are made by Cashmere Wool.

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