Here I am sharing everything I know until now on fashion psychology tips. And I like to jump into the main topic right now!

Psychology in Fashion
Psychology in Fashion

Fashion Communication

Your clothes are sending messages not to you but to other people. Just think you judge a people within 100ms you see a people. And this is not something I’m telling this had experimented. So it is very vital to understand each clothes significance, for what occasion you are wearing, at what time – day or night, and seasons – Summer, Winter mainly.

Listen to Your Clothes!

Whenever you go to choose your dress for the day in front of your wardrobe, do you feel like there are specifically one or two clothes are calling you to wear them? As I told you it’s vital to understand your clothes’ significance. And If you have proper knowledge of what kind of dress you can wear for the occasion, you know exactly what you will be wearing for the day. Don’t worry we will go deep gradually.

Respect Yourself while Clothing

Don’t dress like a default action. Nothing we should do in auto mode! Just like we need to enjoy every bite of the food, we also shall enjoy dressing. I already talked about Mood Illustration and Mood Enhancement clothing. Wake up in the morning and take 10 minutes just to think about what you’re gonna wear. Choose the proper cloth to uplift your mood a little bit if you need or celebrate your mood.

Choose Cloth Last Night

This is great right, and why I will not talk about this? Choose your clothes last night but keep in mind the upcoming events you gonna attend. Now just before I told you to respect your spirit and blah blah! I know! But we all know that sometimes we take forever to choose a dress. The reason is simple, our moods swing girl!

So here’s the tip. Choose two sets of outfits last night. One little bolder with a touch of simplicity for embracing your look and another in simple neutral with a bold touch to illustrate your mood (Both go with the event). Now the next day choose accordingly your mood. I will not say it’s disrespecting your mood, but smart work. And after all, you always can change your jewelry, accessories, and shoe at the last moment!

Choose the Realty while Dressing

Have you dreamt about becoming something or in this case someone? Do you think you can dress like Kim Kardashian overnight? It was just an example, mainly I am talking about those models you boop love button on Instagram, daily. Dear, you are you, not less than anyone. Don’t fantasize about becoming someone, wear clothes that suit you, express yourself. What’s the point of fashion tips when you can’t even dress up like YOU?

Signature Style

Everybody has a Personal Style, but not a signature style. Signature style is something that defines yourself more prominently like trademarks. Except that you can copy that. There are a lot of examples of celebrities having a signature style. I am no one to have a signature style even I wear the same cloth for 365 days! But the Signature style develops self-identification, comfort zone, and self-confidant.

Harry Styles search it! You can see him wearing a headband or Bandana if you say so in a lot of pictures, and people are searching like Harry Styles in Bandana! Search Ed Sheeran and see him wearing trainers with a suit in a red carpet event. Also, you can always wear your favorite items instead of picturing others and carpe diem!

Move On

Your clothes or clothing style is embedded in feelings. Do you know from where style problems come most often? From confusion. Most of the time it’s not like you don’t know but you can’t accept what you are. You want something and you’re wearing something else.

Break Threads of Traditions

Don’t take it as I don’t respect tradition. But at the top of everything, you shall respect yourself the most. The first clothing style we adopt, comes from family, even before understanding what the style is. You grow up. You want more, less, or different. As an Indian, I/we know better than anyone how this thing can be hard. Stop your thing on what you suppose to wear and start wearing what you want to wear. Fashion tips are not gonna help you if you can’t free yourself especially since these things are deeply related to your emotions but don’t let them tie you.

Control Your Desire

Don’t Skip. If you don’t wanna feel tired each time you choose a garment you need to make a capsule wardrobe first. In my opinion, minimalism is relative. For example, the number of formal shirts will not be the same for a housewife and a working woman. And that’s okay.

Tip: Don’t save your credit cards or any card details for future shopping on shopping sites. Do you know how impatient we are? You don’t even come to my site because it loads after 3 seconds. That’s right. What I am saying is that if you can control that rush you’re feeling when you see something online, if you have to wait another 1-2 minutes your mind may change.

I know this feeling. When I got my first job (Now I am jobless) I bought items every month. EVERY MONTH. See me now, a piece of looser with no money.

Wear. Every. Year.

YES, you can and you shall wear a quality garment year after year. You don’t need a new sweater for each Christmas or a summer dress for every summer. These fashion psychology tips I’m giving you are not just for financial advantage but it is for your mind. Changing clothes each year creates an image in your mind that clothes are liabilities. Make them your asset.

You know what I am saying, it saves money. It calms your mind when you fall in love with your clothes each year and also connects you with past years’ memories. Memories are important unless you wanna delete specific memories, in that case, I’ll say get rid of those clothes.

If you need a buy donate the one you don’t need anymore. You will Feel Good 💚

Quantity Over Everything

How can you wear the same cloth in the Fall that you wore in the last year if the quality is not up to the mark? Quantity over everything and I meant it! Quality over your cheap choice, yes even you liked a cheap material cloth learn to ignore it. And we all know quality over quantity, let’s not drag that speech. You are probably thinking buying quality clothes will cost you more, but it’s not it will save you money. A good quality shoe can go for years. Especially accessories like sunglasses, watches can go for a decade!!

Do you want to go ten times for buying a watch within ten years? Well, then it’s not just about money but time, which is precious. And what about your style? Image? Even we say that outfits don’t matter. It matters the most and you have to admit that. Remember, we make an image of a person, unconsciously within just 100ms after seeing them. A branded watch, glasses, a shoe can elevate your look instantly. I am not saying it has to be very expensive but of good quality.


One of the very important fashion tips. I hope you know your style, now create your capsule wardrobe with versatile, adaptable clothes that can go with many pieces. In short, must-haves are a white semi-formal shirt, white, black, beige, or brown bodycon tops, White, Blue, Black Jeans, and white shorts. I love white shorts actually, they give an elevated look rather than as usual blue shorts! Trousers and tailored suits. Don’t forget them, they can give you a high-class look instantly. In shoes keep black heels, white sneakers, and an oxford shoe for all of your office work! There are many more!

But this post is not to discuss all these, this is another topic. The point is that keeping versatile clothes helps to reduce anxiety before choosing a garment. Because most of the time we want to wear our favorite blouse but could not find the proper bottom. As a result stress increases. We don’t want that anymore!

Pay Attention

Pay attention to small details that can make or ruin your day. We all know that. Revealing yourself once in a blue moon can impress everybody but that will not build your image. If you dress soft every day that will make your image. Or you wanna be bold, that’s your choice. But the style, the look you want pay attention to it every day. For a bold look someday you may use purple lipstick and other day leopard printed shoes. But adding your identity to every day’s outfit is a must.

We don’t want Malfunction

Again one of the essential fashion tips is doing something to avoid malfunction. What we can do? Because we can’t know everything after wearing one time in the fitting room. So, when you’re free wear that special garment in your home (without revealing it to others) and more importantly walk in it. It is a shoe or a gown you need to walk in it to understand it.

Walking in your room in a gown is awkward right? But we will do this anyway because still, it is a thousand times better than facing a malfunction. You can do it when no one is home or the other option is to hang out with your best friend with that 4-inch heel you bought. Keep the rest of the outfit very basic, so she/he does not think that you’re trying to impress her (¬‿¬)


  That's all for today! I hope you liked it (❁´◡`❁)  

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