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Sheet masks gained so much popularity in the past few years. Everyone is using different sheet masks for various occasions. They are an instant boost to the skin. It can be hydration, brightening the face instantly for a few hours, detoxifying, soothing, or getting a spa-like relaxation at home, sheet masks do it all. Sheet masks are not necessary but we are making them an important step in our daily life. Within 16 hours of work, giving yourself 30 minutes or 1 hour is very very important. Skincare and health care (exercising and diet) are something everybody should do. No matter how busy they are. A sheet mask comes when you have an extra 30 minutes and you need to treat yourself a little bit extra! Any Questions about Sheet Masks? Check Here!

Now, there are mainly eight types of Sheet Masks. Every sheet mask has something common in them and something that distinguish it from another like every other skincare product. There are eight types of sheet masks do not mean you need to buy all eight types of sheet masks. I like to keep each one of all types. And apply it according to my mood. I am someone who sometimes does not use a sheet mask in weeks and sometimes multiple times in a week. If your Skincare routine is proper you may not need a sheet mask. Still, if it’s a date night or family event evening we always feel like doing something extra!

1. Microfiber Sheet Masks

Microfibers are the oldest material for making sheet masks. It is the most popular sheet mask that probably everyone used microfiber sheet masks. This fiber feels like cotton. These sheet masks are filled with serum-type liquid or sometimes it can be like a light cream or lotion. These are the most affordable sheet mask, you can get one for about a dollar. These are good for a newbie or regular use. Though I don’t think you need to use a sheet mask daily. Also, this is very thin, so open carefully. This will stick to your face until it started dry. So lie down and enjoy. I have used so many of these sheet masks. Right now, I’m using Dr. Jart Microfiber Sheet Mask. I’m liking it, may repeat the purchase! Another choice is Benton Fermentation Mask Pack. It has three fermented ingredients: Galactomyces, Lactobacillus, and Bifida Ferment Lysate.

2. Knitted Cotton Sheet Masks

Knitted Sheet Masks are also made of cotton fiber but as they are knitted they are thicker and heavier. Plus point of these masks is they can hold more product than a thin microfiber mask. This can moisturize your face and neck better than other masks. Yes, these are longer so they cover the neck. This is amazing right 😍! This is probably a Korean innovation. I hope I could say more about this. But haven’t used any! I am so looking forward to knitted masks!

3. Pulp Sheet Masks

Pulp Facial masks are very fine and have an uneven texture. They are not very adhesive. So you need to lie down while using. That’s a good thing. Relaxation is needed when doing skincare! Pulp masks cannot provide a lot of anything in my opinion. You can make a pulp mask at home if you want. Fruits are used for that. First of all, I don’t prefer using raw fruit on my face. Some have very inappropriate pH and are highly acidic to use on the skin. So, that’s a no-no!

4. Hydrogel Sheet Masks

Hydrogel masks are like pulp masks but better. These are smooth silky-textured and made with skincare beauty ingredients. Not by dumping a cloth. This is thicker than a pulp mask. A good hydrogel mask should not tear up while used. It feels like gelly. Lie down after applying. It can slip off from you because of its weight and silkiness. There are many hydrogel eye patches. But I will recommend using a good hydrogel sheet mask because that will also cover your under-eye area. There’s no need to use expensive separate eye products. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrogel Sheet Mask is available in India, and I have used it once. It is good for moisturizing the skin but not more than that.

5. Bio-Cellulose Sheet Masks

I like bio-cellulose sheet masks. They are made of natural woven fibers and bacteria. And adhesive, stick to the skin, and will not fall off. These are again similar to Hydrogel masks. Looks and feels like gelly. It is enriched with active ingredients. These work better than a microfiber sheet mask as they can provide ingredients efficiently. Ingredients don’t evaporate fast.

6. Charcoal and Clay Sheet Masks

These are generally microfiber sheet masks with charcoal and other clays in them. Charcoal clay masks are black. These sheet masks are not for providing but for absorbing excess sebum from the skin. This feels very smooth on skin. It can soothe the skin like other sheet masks. But using a charcoal sheet mask instead of a creamy clay mask can be a better idea if your skin is very sensitive. This mask may help to reduce inflammation. Dr. Jart Porecting Sheet mask is a bubbling sheet mask and has charcoal in it. As I liked the LAPCOS sheet masks, I’ll recommend trying once the LAPCOS Charcoal Sheet Mask.

7. Bubbling Sheet Masks

Bubbling Sheet masks are charcoal sheet masks with bubbling properties. This is fun to use! They have detoxifying ingredients in them with sparkling water. Foaming cosmetic ingredients in it create bubbles after applying the sheet mask by contacting with air. When you’re removing the mask massage the foam onto the skin and then wash it off. This will leave your skin soft and clear. Dr. Jart Porecting Bubbling Charcoal sheet mask is fun to use.

8. Foil Sheet Masks

Yes, made of foils. Foil sheet masks are a protecting material that does not allow any ingredient to evaporate. There is gold, and silver foil masks available in the market. Some even claim to have gold in it 😅. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Power Foil Mask is expensive but you may give it a try if you can and want. Otherwise no need to. Estee Lauder is a luxury brand I absolutely adore because it pays off. But still spending thousands of rupees on a sheet mask! Wooh, you NEED to think about that!

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