All colors affect our mood and also affect others psychologically. We also know people judge us within 100 ms after seeing us. Colors play very important roles to create an impression of the front person. Without wasting your time, let’s dive straight into the subject that what color when to wear.

Don’t forget to know What Color When Not to Wear and the Significance of Colors!

When to Wear Red Color?

Choose red when you want to attract somebody for a love interest. Red always works in a romantic relationship. Red shows confidence and excitement. So if you wear red, the opposite person always feels upbeat about you.

Wear red at a party where you want to be recognized. Like an evening party where the theme is gown. Red is an eye-catching attractive color. Red works best when you want to be identified in a crowd.

Wear red when you’re tired, or insecure and it’s an evening event. Red helps to boost energy instantly. It also lightens the mood of any 3rd person who is watching you. So yes, to lighten up the whole world around you wear RED!

Use an accent of RED when you want to show power and self-confidence. Wearing a red show with your formal attire always establishes authority and power. You probably don’t want to cover yourself from up to bottom in the office. Instead, you can use red lipstick, a purse, or red eye-catching heels 😍

When to Wear Orange Color?

Wear orange if you love to wear a fun color, with friends at fun parties. For example, an orange jumpsuit, and a puffer jacket. At pool parties, you can choose an orange swimming suit.

Orange can be worn when you want to motivate yourself. Buy an orange sports bra or shorts, that can help you to do some exercise 😉 It’s also a good color for outdoor adventures. ORANGE works as an alert and helps to grab attention. Life jackets are often orange in color right?

If your profession is something about fun not very formal like DJ you can were orange then. Only in fun jobs. Keeping mind skin undertone, warm tone skins goes well with orange color.

Orange can be worn at night times. It’s an eye-catching color. Warm tone ladies can look gorgeous with an evening Orange gown.

When to Wear Yellow Color?

Grab yellow for any cheerful occasion and you don’t have to be very careful with Yellow as you need to be with Orange.

If you want to make friends or play with children wear yellow. Yellow is good for holiday clothes, and birthdays. Wear Yellow where you can be reckless, irresponsible, and immature.

Yellow works beautifully as a Mood Enhancement color. If you’re overstressed, tensed, or want a little bit more fun, this is the time for YELLOW!

If you’re afraid of wearing all in yellow or an entire yellow dress, believe me, an accent of yellow also works. There’s a quote: “A Little Yellow Goes a Long Way”. Also Yellow goes well with blues! So why not pair denim with a Yellow top or Pullover?

When to Wear Green Color?

Green is good for the eye, it does not stress the retina too much. You probably have noticed green curtains in hospitals and doctors/nurses wearing green aprons or added an accent of green.

You may add an accent of green in serious events. For showing seriousness deep green shades like deep olive, olive, forest green, and navy green works well. Green also works well when you want to send a message to someone. So yes, you can add an accent of dark green in business meetings.

If you don’t want to show off that much, you can wear a green simple cotton outfit. Green always has a down-to-earth vibe. But not in silk, which I will talk about next. Add neon green to fun events, and informal night parties.

Green is a royal color and can be worn in affluent events. Many celebrities, for example, Zendaya wore a remarkable green corset dress with a green heels on the red carpet, which looked heavenly on her! So, wear a deep forest green in satin silk fabric to look divine, elegant, and stand out. The difference with Red is, Red can be threatening, and overpowering whereas Green always has an earthy vibe but is still a Royal color.

When to Wear Blue Color?

Wear dark blues when you want to develop your image of authority. Wearing blue shows that you can manage. Blue is very common in the uniforms of schools, colleges, the navy, the army, and the police. So yes it shows strength but in a non-threatening, soft way. Even wearing mid-tone blues in front of your future mother-in-law may give her the impression that you will take care of her baby boy 😛

Wear blue when under stress. It has a calming power and it’s proven in a journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine. It even reduces heartbeat under pressure. And that is why you may consider wearing blue in interviews. So wear blue to soothe yourself.

If you know you know. I know at least 10 of my male friends, whose favorite color is BLUE! Red can be tempting when you want to attract a person but also may signal in the wrong direction. But wearing someone’s favorite color can never disappoint them. So, if you wanna look good for him, on the first date take a minimum risk by wearing blue.

For gentlemen, wear a navy blue suit to look more trustworthy. Men look handsome in blues and black.

When to Wear Purple Color?

Purples are imaginative. So wear it when you need to show your creativity. It can be in an art show or can even be for business where you wanna an approach. If you want to project yourself as a confident creator and wanna suggest something in a meeting mid-tone purples work well.

If you want to show off, feel luxurious, wear purples! Purples show uniqueness. So, what is better than purple if you wanna an unpredictable creative look. Try a satin silk backless purple dress. Any tone of purple looks luxurious, wear it accordingly to your skin tone.

Purple can be fun color. Especially lavender tones. Try a neon look with a flash of or dominated pastel muted purple color. It’s good for the holidays. Just pair a lavender purple with silver, dark purple, and muted olive green.

Purple also can be seductive. Yes, you got your alternative of Red and Black! Dress in a purple evening long gown and grab all attention. 😉

When to Wear Pink Color?

Even Pink shows feminity I asked many males and they love Pink colors. I still don’t know why still some say pink is not for men. I think there’s another point of view though! Pink is a sugary sweet color. As a result, some *alpha* men think it’s not for them. Dude, it’s a color! Enjoy it! So yes, if you’re a boy/man who has come here to know you can or not wear this, yes you can. Try a baby pink color shirt with white trousers then tell me 😍 (If you think this is too much pink wear a white blazer over your shirt!)

Pink is good for afternoon tea parties, (even formal ones). If you want a light look, still elegant but not too dominant with red because it’s not evening yet, grab your pink dress. I (probably everybody) love to see men and women in soft colors at weddings. So yes, where wearing white misjudge you, wear pink. Marriage parties are good places to wear pink.

To soften a look add light shades of pinks. Pink can be worn as formal attire. So don’t be afraid to grab your pink blouse or blazer with different color pants. You can go brave with a monochromatic pink look if you want. But personally, as pink shows under confidant, I will not suggest a top to toe look for business occasions.

But sure you can wear top to toe pink for casual occasions! Wanna look sweet? Cover yourself in light shades of pinks. Wanna look bold? Try neon, fuchsia, and hot pinks!! Light pinks help to gain sympathy, so where you need, wear a pink 😉

Did you ever try pastel pink shades? If not, I have to say you’re missing out! It’s a beautiful color with balanced sweetness. Men can wear this without any second thought.

When to Wear Brown Color?

All shades of brown are neutral. So whenever you are in doubt about what to wear grab any brown. For day times wear light browns or beige. For evening time you may wear dark browns.

Brwon is earthy. It’s too soft to wear in the evening. If you are thinking if brown is for evening or not, then grab any chocolate tone satin sleeveless dress and pair it with a block heel. You will get the answer! All you need to know is how to carry brown and in what tone. Brown is earthy but remembers it’s not a weak color!

Brown is trustworthy, least threatening color. You can cover yourself in different shades of brown from top to bottom and still, it’s not scary. If you want to make friends, mix into a new society wear brown. It’s the most approachable way. No one can say it’s a bad color!

Mothers and parents always can wear brown especially when they represent themself as guardians. It shows children that you’re down-to-earth, and safe so they can lean on you. Even your husband will feel at home to see you in brown!

Brown is the most worn in businesses. Or probably after blues. So boys, wanna try something instead of blue but not white and black? Try a lot of shades of brown! Ladies also can wear this bravely in any formal event.

When to Wear Black Color?

If you’re insecure, better go with black. Black has covering power. If you wanna mask your size or weight black is the best. Though I don’t like it when a color has a way stronger appearance than you. I don’t like it when you use color to feel empowered but not yourself. But still, as I’m sharing what color goes when I need to share wearing black is a good idea when you are insecure.

Black varies with religion. For Mohammedans, black is respectful and mostly worn Burkha color for women. For Christians, they wear black to show respect for someone’s memory after death. And you need to know this because wearing black at someone’s wedding party is not a good idea. In Hindus, there’s no such rule.

For any formal occasions, or parties you can choose black. Black people can look effortlessly smart. Wearing black is also not something to get noticed especially at formal parties. So yes, play safe with blacks.

If you want to stand out with black ladies you know what to do. A little black dress can never go wrong. When choosing one choose a quality piece. I have seen most of the black dresses look very cheap and way too revealing. Lather black jacket is also good to dress up. Black is not just about basics!

Always keep Black lingerie along with nudes. These are the two-color you need least and also most to cover any color of the garment.

When to Wear White Color?

If you want a fresh start, can’t find what is your favorite color, wear White. White tees, white jeans, white trousers, sneakers, or a one-piece, anything can’t go wrong with white. When in doubt wear White. You are not sure where your hot pink or olive will go? Wear white. Nothing you’re liking these days, stressing while choosing a garment? Which we call Fashion Fatigueness, start by wearing white to calm your mind first.

If you are feeling anxious or stressed wear white. White can calm your mind. In addition, it looks beautiful. And don’t worry, you can wear white in summers, winters, day and night.

Wear white when you’re visiting any patient. It’s good to see colors like dark green or white on cotton material for a patient. White also shows hygiene. As it’s too easy to get dirty for whites, if you are wearing a clean white piece, that means you’re painting hygiene and always clean.

Wear white in religious places. It’s a safe color. As it shows purity and innocence it goes well in temples.

You always can wear Whites on formal occasions. You can alternate your tops and bottoms with white. A white shirt can go with any color, including white. It’s not even overpowering to achieve a monochromatic look with white! It always looks very classic. White shirts were never this fashionable before Carolina Herrera made them.

In the modern era, Christian brides are wearing any color at their weddings, but I still believe traditional whites goes best for wedding for both bride and groom.

Whites are not just about classic. I think White is the softest but most elegant color. It is not like blue or dark green to stand out. Because white always has purity in it and shows innocence. What is the better way to look elegant without too much standing out from the crowd? Still, white grabs attention and looks balanced and beautiful. Wear a white ball silk gown or any maxi dress made of satin to look exquisite!

Don’t forget to know What Color When Not to Wear and the Significance of Colors!

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