All colors affect our mood and also affect others psychologically. We also know people judge us within 100 ms after seeing us. Colors play very important roles to create an impression of the front person. We need to know exactly when not to wear a specific color because it can affect negatively. In addition, it’s more important to know than What Colors When to Wear. Also, don’t forget to know the Significance of Colors!

Color: Red

When Not to Wear Red Color?

Don’t choose RED for inappropriate occasions like marriage. Where you don’t want to or should not dominant, or be recognized don’t wear red.

If you’re tired Red can boost your mood, but it’s will not help if you’re tensed or overstressed.

Don’t wear Red as a monochromatic formal attire or in any serious kind of even. Accordingly, one research from the University of Rochester, Red’s minimal visual presence can decline performance in an exam or sporting event.

Also, You shall not wear Red in interviews, it gives the impression that you’re overconfident and can play along. You don’t need a team or you’re just concerned about yourself.

It can work from the staff side also. If you’re leading a team, you may not want to wear Red because it will scare others to propose other suggestions.

Color: Orange

When Not to Wear Orange Color?

Just like Red, don’t wear Orange at formal meetings and in Interviews. Though, for a different reason. Orange is a neon color for that it’s a very informal, casual color. Orange is also unsophisticated color, you don’t wanna bring your image down in an interview or a business meeting.

Orange is not a very sophisticated color and if it does not go with your skin tone it will look very aggressive and contrasting. If you can’t carry the Orange color well or style it properly it may look cheap. Don’t wear it for lavish events.

Color: Yellow

When Not to Wear Yellow Color?

Avoid Yellow where you need to show serious maturity.

It can be an office meeting, highly pressured office days. Though you can add a little Yellow to cheer a bit but never wear full Yellow.

Don’t wear Yellow if when you’re attending a parent-teacher meeting. Teachers tend to think parents are careless, you must not provoke that.

Don’t wear Yellow in court, or if you’re dealing with a divorce. It shows that you’re the one who is irresponsible, immature.

Yellow is a bright color itself. Wearing it on cold days may be a good idea, but not in hot summer even Yellow is a summer color. I’m not saying don’t wear Yellow in summer, but wear it when Sun is not excessively bright.

Color: Green

When Not to Wear Green Color?

In research it has proven that people give poor excuses or ignore you, when you wear a green dress for fundraising, to avoid donating. I think it’s probably, green which is a very mature, nurturing, elegant color.

Wear green where you want to propose a message, but don’t wear green where you need to convince someone for something for you. Just like I told you before people avoid donating when a fundraiser is wearing green, like that if you need something for example loan, don’t wear green.

Don’t wear Deep green hues on fun occasions. It can downbeat the mood of yours and others because it always shows maturity. On holidays, with children, you may avoid it. Though neon green perfectly works as a fun color.

Color: Blue

When Not to Wear Blue Color?

Blue shows conservative. So when you are attending to show your creativity or you’re going to give a speech it may create a negative impression. Even if you want to declare success it does not help.

Blue develops authority but in a soft way. Blue is not a very liberated color. It always wants peace. Don’t wear blue for marketing or if you want to establish something. Because it lacks confidence.

Don’t wear blue for fun parties. If you add glitter or your dress shimmers that is different. But blue is a little bit boring color when it comes to upbeat.

Don’t wear silk or satin blue colors everywhere because it’s a royal color and must be worn for elegant events. Satin silk royal blues look very elegant so until you want to stand out from the crowd (Not in a very tempting way) to show authority, don’t wear it.

Color: Purple

When Not to Wear Purple Color?

Where you want to avoid extra attention, avoid dark purples. Purple is unique, unusual, so wearing it is not a good idea when you want to maintain a low-key profile. Remember sometimes you just need to fit in first to make friends.

As purple symbolize no practicalness, it may look childish to wear. So avoid wearing in job interviews, business meetings, approach something, or any kind of serious events. You don’t wanna look crazy in front of the interviewer.

Again, it is unique and unusual so it can increase anxiety. Avoid purple or looking at purple when you’re stressed, under pressure. It can make you sadder.

Color: Pink

When Not to Wear Pink Color?

Pink is okay to wear as a formal color. But beware when you can’t wear that. In a serious meeting, events where you need to show confidence. Well, another good thing just pops to my mind is that don’t wear pink on promotional occasions (definitely not talking about entertainment promotions like movies). If you want to discuss your promotion to your boss, DON’T WEAR pink.

Don’t wear pink if you’re the boss or wanna bossing around 😶. Pink shows underconfidence. Suppose it’s a meeting where you wanna discuss clients faults better not to wear pink.

Don’t wear light pinks if you want to dominant (In. Anywhere. Anywhere. *I meant it*). Pink shows availability, softness. Adding a little hot pink can work as a dominant.

Color: Brown

When Not to Wear Brown Color?

Don’t wear brown where you don’t wanna represent yourself as “know it all“. In-office, brown is the most approachable color, but also sometimes it’s better to show yourself underconfident or a little dependable. I am again not saying that cover yourself in pink. But overuse of brown may increase the load of work. Beware of that.

Don’t wear brown in need. No problem in helping others but wearing brown may increase their expectations. I meant with friends or colleagues.

Don’t wear boring browns at the evening parties. As I said only gorgeous satin or velvet brown is appropriate for evening parties. Satin and velvet always add a flash of elegance right? Still don’t wear it until you are sure that the dress is outstanding. Another tip: Brown looks motherly itself. So if you’re wearing brown in the evening don’t forget to show a moderate amount of skin, otherwise, it may look boring. If you’re going to buy potatoes that’s different.

If you want to attract particularly someone, brown will not work does not matter it’s made of velvet or glassy satin. No, it won’t work. If you want to stand out at a party, still don’t wear brown. Brown is the most non-threatening color and also feels secure. It won’t work anyway in the case of attracting any or many!

Color: Black

When Not to Wear Black Color?

I said in the What color When to Wear article in the black section that Hindus do not have regarding wearing black at a party. Still, as black is colorless, I think and believe it’s not appropriate to wear black in any holy ceremony. Black also works as leave me alone, keep distance image. I thought you should know before deciding.

Don’t cover yourself from top to bottom when you’re enjoying Christmas or any Christian occasion. Black is not maybe the sad color for you but you need to respect any culture, religion. For Christians, it’s a mournful color. Not just for them, Black also symbolizes sadness. So please be aware of black and parties.

Don’t wear black on your first day of anything. In a new society, not in your new school or college. Black has a keep distance image. Therefore, it will not work if you want to make friends. Also, don’t wear black if your job includes babysitting children. Children love colorful things, not black.

Black goes with well cool undertone people. Remember skin complexion is not skin undertone. Neutral undertone people also can wear anything but if you are a warm undertone don’t wear black! Though, I am opposed to the fact of needing to wear clothes accordingly to their undertone. If someone is warm-tone and loves black, I don’t follow that he/she has to live her life without Black! That’s stupid! Though consider your undertone if the event you’re attending is really important.

Color: White

I said before that white can go anywhere. That’s the truth. But I think you also need to know that Hindus show respect to their lovable ones after their death. Though, they also wear white on other occasions. But keep that in mind, they may not like it when you especially cover yourself from top to bottom in white traditional Hindu dresses like Kurta, Kurti, Churidar, or Saree with simple plain fabric. If it’s embroidered, then it’s okay.

Don’t cover yourself from top to bottom in white, for colorful occasions like Eid, Puja, Christmas, or anything. White is not colorless. But it seems colorless in front of these very colorful occasions.

Don’t wear whites if you can’t carry them the proper way. I meant wearing whites shows how clean you are, but if it’s even a little bit dirty it can look worst than other colors. Also, it’s better to avoid white in crowded public places like public transport.

Don’t forget to know What Color When to Wear and the Significance of Colors!

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