As I’m gonna share Geisha skincare, hairstyle, makeup, and attire, I thought giving a brief description and history about Geishas will give you the minimum required idea about whom skin to the hairstyle I’m talking about and very famous.

What is the Meaning of Geisha?

Geishas are Japanese hostesses trained in traditional Japanese art styles to entertain men with conversations, dance, and songs.Geisha Makeup, Attire, Hairstyle, Skincare

Geisha, Geiko or Geigi and Maiko

Geisha is also known as Geiko or Geigi. They are well trained in Japanese performing arts. Customers may pay them only for masterful conversation. Other arts are singing and dancing. Geishas may or not involve physically with their customers. Modern Geishas don’t involve physically with their customers. “Geishas are prostitutes”- this is a misconception. The Japanese Oiran (High ranked prostitutes) also wore kimonos and did traditional grooming like Geishas. From this, I believe the misconception has spread. Geishas never get involved physically with their clients as it goes against their rule. Also, in Japan prostitution is illegal.

Geishas are very much respected in Japan as they perform arts after years of training. At the age of 15-17 a female’s training starts with their parent’s permission and she can be Geisha (Performers) at the age of 20-22, called Geiko (Adult). During this training period, they are called Maiko (Teen). A Maiko is get paid for food, accommodation, Kimono (Traditional dress), and Classes by Okiya (Maiko residence) for art practices. For becoming a Maiko you have to stay under training for one year. Geishas on the other hand get a full salary accordingly to their duty hours. A Geisha’s monthly income can be anywhere from $2K to more than $10K.

Some Rules for Geiko & Maiko:

When a Maiko becomes 20, or 21 years old her art masters and the owner of Okiya decide if she is ready to perform on the Geiko stage or not. There’s no official exam, it’s just an approval. A Geisha lady must have mastered the Kurokami dance that is performed during the Sakkou period.

A Maiko has a choice after their training if they want to be a Geisha or not. Some of them choose to be full-time Geisha. Most of the Geisha even leave that occupation in their thirties and forties to build their own family. Those who don’t quit, in the end, became masters or Okiya owners of that house. You can’t marry while you’re in this occupation. The rule is “Being married to the art, not to a person”. That is why most of them leave their job in their 30s or 40s. But as per the rule, there is nothing. Some Geikos are above 80 years old.

For the boyfriend rule, Maiko can’t have any. Secretly having a boyfriend is not possible as they live under strict rules. On other hand, Geishas may have a secret boyfriend.

Now you’re wondering about other restrictions I guess. Well for Maikos, they only get days off two days per month. But there are three long holidays when they can go home. Those three times are in Golden week (In May), Obon (In August), and New year (In January). But once you become Geiko, you can decide on your own when you wanna take a day off.

A Quick History Of Geishas

In the very early history of Japan, many Saburuko girls lost their families. Some of these Saburuko girls offered sexual services for money. Others who have a better education lived as entertainers of high-class people. Later skilled female performers created the traditional Japanese female dance and performances that later lead to Geishas.

The first appearance of Geishas was in the 1800s. From the very first they were for dance, music, entertainment, and skilled conversation. They originated in Kyoto. An ancient city 250 miles from Tokyo. Geisha’s meaning is “Art Performers”. So that’s exactly what they were.

Geisha’s skincare is famous and a huge part of them for centuries. 200 years old Japanese manuscript was found by a lady named Victoria Tsai which has every detail of the Geisha Skincare Routine. Except for skincare, they have special makeup rules, hairstyles, and attire.

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